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15 Gluten-Free Baked Goods that Don't Miss Gluten One Bit

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As a baker (and a baking instructor), I could talk about gluten all day. But while gluten may be fun for some of us, many people live with some form of gluten allergy or intolerance and may even need to cut out grains containing gluten altogether (we're looking at you, wheat, barley, and rye).

The prospect of baking without "normal" flour might be nervous-making, but time and again, the Food52 community has debunked the stereotype of dry, mealy, or unappetizing gluten-free baked goods. Make any one of these 15 delicious gluten-free baked treats, from pies and cakes to cookies, and soon you'll be saying, "Gluten who?"

It's always pie (and clafoutis, and buckle) season:

C is for (GF-free) cookies:

A piece of cake: