15 Honest Quotes About Fatherhood From Jason Sudeikis

Happy birthday to this famous funny dad!
Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde have two children. 
Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde have two children. 

Jason Sudeikis is learning the ins and outs of parenting.

The actor and his partner, Olivia Wilde, have two children ― Otis and Daisy.

In honor of his birthday on Monday, here’s a collection of Sudeikis’ quotes about parenting.

On hearing his son say “Dada”:

“He calls me Dada. I think that’s hilarious, mind-blowingly hilarious. Maybe not hilarious in the conventional sense of a Chris Rock joke, or a Louis C.K. TV show, but it’s hilarious to me. I never thought that was going to happen and that it would be so intoxicating when it did.”

On balancing career and family:

“It takes a village.”

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On how fragile babies are:

“Just like, the tininess of it all. All the clichés are true. That’s the thing that you find out about kids and like falling in love. Oh, all the clichés are true.”

“My joke, when we had Otis was, at least, having a boy, I have a better understanding of how I’m going to screw him up.”

On taking care of a toddler:

“He’s looking for danger at all times. We’re just trying to keep him alive.”

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On riding the train with his infant:

″[He’s a] little subway baby. We don’t care what diseases he gets.”

On almost missing his son’s birth:

“Around 9 p.m. nothing is moving. [Olivia’s] like, ‘OK, it’s going to be a couple hours. Go ahead and go get some food.’ I’m like, ‘Well, I’m going to Taco Bell ’cause I’m about to be a dad.’ ... I then leave Taco Bell and I think, ‘Well what would a dad from the ’50s do? He’d go to a bar. I’m going to go to a bar.’ It was just two shots. I’m thinking, well, I got to take a picture of this, so I lift up my phone, I see ‘Missed call: Olivia.’ It started to ring again, so I answer the phone. ’I’m like, ‘Hon, what’s going on?’ And she goes, ‘It’s happening, get back here, it’s happening.’ I down my drink. I thought we had four hours.”

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On having a daughter:

“She couldn’t have a better role model in [Olivia] and my sisters and Olivia’s sisters and our mothers.”

On having help:

“We’re really lucky to have family nearby and amazing people to help sit. We’re using a night nurse because Liv’s got a million things going on. It allows for us to have the freedom to make, hopefully, interesting choices, creatively.”

On seeing his son grow from baby to toddler:

“You get to watch evolution actually happen in front of your very eyes.”

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On what makes him proudest as a dad:

“Just doing it with the right person. When I look at Olivia and the way that she pulls off all these things ― it’s gonna be easy for him to grow up in a house of love and respect because I feel that way about his mom ... It really is. I think that that’s ... probably what I’m most proud of.”

On how fatherhood has changed him:

“Well, I have a kid... I think we’re both probably a little bit more selective of the time we went to spend away from home.”

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On being a new parent:

“It’s pretty great. You’d have to ask [Otis]. I mean, I’m having a blast, I don’t know if he likes me. He doesn’t know English yet so you know, we’re getting there.”

On his son’s skills:

“He’s a Connect Four prodigy.”

On his most embarrassing parenting moment to come:

“I anticipate it and it will be great and I hope it’s captured by professional street photographers.”