15 Last-Minute April Fools' Day Pranks (PHOTOS)

15 Last-Minute April Fools' Day Pranks (PHOTOS)

April Fools' Day is officially here. but you've still yet to come up with that perfect prank. No problem. We've collected 15 simple, last-minute pranks that can be assembled just in time to fool the unsuspecting victim of your choice. You may go with a classic go-to gag, such as the saran-wrapped toilet seat or coins glued to the floor. Or, for the nerds, a quick technological prank like changing Google's language or MS Word's AutoCorrect settings will get the job done. No matter what you choose, these practical jokes are sure to bring out the hilarious frustration that April Fools' Day is all about.

Change Google Language to Klingon
Go to Google.com on the unsuspecting victim's computer, click on “settings” and “search settings”. There is a drop-down menu next to “interface language” where you can go nuts. Klingon is the weirdest, but how about Icelandic or Hacker?
Glue Coins (Or Anything Valuable) To The Ground
This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and all it requires is a little super glue and some coins. You can modernize it by gluing something that seems even more valuable like fake cell phone, then sit back and watch the frustration ensue!
Put Masking Tape Over Computer Mouse's Sensor
Frustrate one co-worker after another by making them think their computer is broken.
Set Someone's Clocks Ahead A Few Hours
Tonight, wait until a friend or roommate falls asleep, then change all their clocks - even on their phone - to read 2 or 3 hours ahead. Make sure you're there when they wake up in a frenzy!
Flip Dresser Drawers Upside Down, Replace
This one may require a friend or two to help. Carefully remove the drawers with clothes inside and fit back into the dresser. When your friend opens their drawer in the morning they'll be in for a surprise.
Change A Common Word To Something Foolish Using AutoCorrect
This is great for a writer or someone who often uses Microsoft Word. Using the AutoCorrect settings, change a common word like "the" to something hilarious, dirty, or simply "April Fool's!"
Saran-Wrap The Toilet Seat
This is a classic, albeit messy, prank.
Make Others Think They Split The Seat Of Their Pants
Bring a piece of cloth to work. Put a dollar on the floor near your desk, and whenever someone bends down to pick it up, rip the cloth. The person will think they've busted out of their khakis and you'll get a good laugh.
Put A Friend's House Up For Sale
There are a lot of empty homes on the market nowadays, so go out and find a "for sale" yard sign and stick it in a friend's yard. This is especially good if the person lives with his/her parents and you get them to go along with it.
Mess With Someone's Toothbrush
Covering a friend's toothbrush with salt, soap, or any other safe but bad-tasting material will give them a shock. Or, try sticking a raisin in the toothpaste tube. They'll think it's a bug!
Surprise A Neat Freak With Spilled Coffee
This video shows how you can make a quick, easy "spilled coffee" gag to freak out a co-worker. Choose the biggest neat freak in the office and place this on their desk.
Put A Rubber Band On The Sink Nozzle
This is another old classic that only takes a minute. Put a rubber band around the button of a hand-held kitchen sink nozzle. Whoever turns the faucet on next will get shot with water!
Put On A Ridiculous Fake Tattoo And Say It's Real
What would your boyfriend or girlfriend say if they found out you got his/her name tattooed on your forehead? Or imagine what your boss would say if you came into work with a giant, offensive tat on your arm? If it looks convincing, you'll get some interesting reactions.
Make Someone Think Their Car Is Damaged
Apple has a great iPhone app called "Dude, Your Car!" which allows the user to photograph a friend's car and then manipulate the image to have dings, scratches and dents. Send a few to your friends and see their frenzied reactions. Also works great if you're borrowing someone else's car tomorrow.
Fake A Cake
Take a plastic bowl or cardboard box and cover it in frosting. Add decorations, and make it look like a real cake. You can either give it to an unsuspecting friend or place in the common area of an office or school with a note that says "Enjoy!"
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