15 Lessons We Should All Learn From Regina George

You've all seen Mean Girls, right? If you haven't, please exit this blog immediately, call in sick to work and watch it on Netflix.

If you have watched it... how many of you have felt personally victimized by Regina George? She was the ultimate mean girl, and you wonder what we could possibly learn from someone like that? A lot, actually! Here are some lessons to take away from the Queen Bee.

1. It's OK to not call or text someone back immediately. We all have lives and are busy! We shouldn't feel guilty about not being reachable 24/7.

2. Be confident in your own style and others will follow. When Regina had holes over the nipples of her shirt, people weren't shocked. Instead, every other girl cut holes over the nipples of their shirts. Don't second-guess yourself; confidence is the sexiest accessory a woman can wear.


3. It's OK to ask someone to stop doing something incredibly annoying. Especially the guy on the plane who keeps talking loudly on his cell phone.

4. Know your food. Learn about nutrients and food labels so you can have a healthy diet instead of gaining 20 pounds by accidentally eating Swedish carb bars.

5. It's never really safe to eat at Taco Bell.

6. Not everybody in life is going to like you, especially if you're popular or successful. Just do you, and realize that when people hate on you, it most likely only stems from jealousy. You can't please everyone, so be fabulous for yourself!

7. Learn productive ways to deal with your anger. It's OK and even healthy to express anger and frustration! Just make sure you're not taking it out on your loved ones and are dealing with it in a positive way.

8. Some days, you just need to give yourself a break.

9. Retail therapy is totally a real thing.

10. It's OK to have fat pants, and to have fat days.
Or weeks.

11. Know how to take a compliment. Stop putting yourself down and arguing with people when they say something nice to you! just say "thank you," and fight the urge to say something negative.

12. It's OK to have an emotional moment and a good cry. We can't have it all together all the time -- having feelings makes us real people!

13. You can only wear your hair in a ponytail once a week. Also, you can only wear sweatpants on Fridays. Really, ladies! Take care of yourself and your appearance. Dress for the occasion, wherever you go. Yeah, sure, beauty may be skin deep or whatever, but a first impression can go a long way. Take pride in taking good care of yourself -- it will make you feel purty and good about yourself!

(OK, rules are meant to be broken -- you can swear sweatpants whenever you want).

14. Being a leader sometimes means people won't like you. But it's better to be a leader than a follower! Be confident in your abilities to inspire and lead people, and don't get discouraged when someone criticizes or isn't a fan of your work.

15. There is power in numbers! You know I believe in this one (hence you know, starting this blog). Being a leader that is all inclusive and encourages others without being clique-y, is a sure way to achieve success!

Every girl has dreamed of being Regina George at one point or another. Being the "good" version of her, and not the evil, is actually a pretty good idea. She had a good side to her, and we can all learn at least one lesson from her powerful ways.

Love ya!

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