15 Life Lessons Learned After Launching My First Podcast

Fear is a liar.

On January 1st, 2016, I did something I'd been fearing for a LONG time: I launched the Dreams In Drive: No Parking podcast.

It's mission? To help creative & lifestyle entrepreneurs take their dreams out of PARK and put them into drive.

I remember the dread and fear I felt before launching. Will anyone read? Will people enjoy my guests? Do I sound silly? Will people think I'm faking it?

If there's one thing I've learned since New Yeats, it's this: Don't let fear stop you. Embrace the moment. Take the drive. See where putting your dreams in drive takes you. Since launching, I've released 15 episodes, interviewed over 20 amazing guests, gained new friends and listeners and much much more! The podcast can be streamed via Soundcloud and iTunes. I was even featured on acclaimed blogger and PR pro Renae Bluitt's In Her Shoes blog as a podcast that you need in your arsenal!

But you know what? I would never have these accomplishments if I didn't start.

Just thinking about launching wasn't going to set my goals on fire. Me putting in work and committing to executing was what helped me put that "dream" of mine in drive....and I'm glad I did.

When you say "yes" to opportunities whose outcomes you can't predict, you're setting yourself up for a chance to learn something new and to me that's the best part of about "taking the plunge."

The biggest lesson I learned? Once you push through initial fear, you eventually forget about it.

Here are 15 lessons I've learned since putting my own dreams in drive.
  1. Believing in yourself is the key to successfully putting the key in the ignition of your dreams. (Episode 1)
  2. Getting started even if you don't feel ready is important! You build momentum and can always pivot later....just get started. (Episode 2)
  3. Focus on mastering your craft and niche. Learn everything you can while driving and be aware of those that you let in your circle along the way. (Episode 3)
  4.  Know your competition. It's okay if you're the third one to market. You can do your research on those companies, launch, and do better than they did. Do what they didn't do well and you can take over that market. Also, GET A MENTOR! (Episode 4)
  5. Practice being positive. Your mindset is everything during the drive phase. (It can also help you on your way to financial empowerment, as well.) (Episode 5)
  6. When you're stuck, try pinpointing the EXACT thing that is causing your frustration. Ask yourself, "Is the thing really the "thing"? (Episode 6)
  7. Do not forget to budget. You do not have to be broke while chasing your dreams. (Episode 7)
  8. Be passionate about what you do. That will help you get through times when fear starts to take over. (Episode 8)
  9. Trust your dopeness. That dopeness is what will help you differentiate from the rest and build a unique brand. (Episode 9)
  10. You can make money doing what you love FULL-TIME. You just have to be strategic about how you approach it. (Episode 10)
  11. Training your mind before training your body is KEY. Though physical fitness is important, you have to have a fit MIND on the path to success. Plus, you can learn alot about your ability to push yourself by studying what you hate.  (Episode 11)
  12. Questioning your destiny can affect your ability to succeed. Learn how to unleash your inner boss and start dominating. (Episode 12)
  13. If things aren't going as planned, don't be afraid to put gears into PARK and start over. (Episode 13)
  14. Learn to define success on your own terms. At the end of the day, you should be driving because YOU want to. You should be on the road to fulfilling YOUR dreams. (Episode 14)
  15.  Being neutral won't get you anywhere as an entrepreneur. You have to take a stance, have a vision, and start doing! Plus, make sure that passion that drives you is infectious. (Episode 15)

At the end of the day, I know dream driving is hard. I know it's scary. I know it's a lot easier said than done. It's worth it. Fear is a liar. There's so much you can accomplish when you stick to the #noparking mantra and hit the gas when the light turns green. Right now, my goal is to continue driving, building, and growing the #dreamsindrive community.  


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