15 Marketing Strategies You Should Consider for Q1 of 2017

15 Marketing Strategies You Should Consider for Q1 of 2017
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How does your marketing plan look for the first quarter of the new year? These successful business owners share their pick of the latest marketing strategy that will increase their customer reach.

A. Intelligent User Notifications

I manage a fast growing online media platform. Since we have millions of users, the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to marketing notifications does not seem to work for us. We are personalizing the notifications for our users using machine learning algorithms. This will help improve user acquisition, retention and engagement rates for our platform. - Karan Chaudhry, Comnplus

A. Account-Based Sales and Marketing

Sales have always sold to accounts, but marketing hasn't always been able to. Now that data on people and companies is much more widely available, it makes sense for us to personalize our outreach much more. The benefit offered is a much higher success rate in breaking into new accounts, increased return on marketing investment (ROMI) and closer sales/marketing alignment. - Nadim Hossain, BrightFunnel

A. Live Streaming

2017-01-12-1484236366-2878469-JamesSimpson.jpgThe key is to go where the users are, and increasingly, they are consuming or producing live-streaming video. As a gaming company, this is a perfect match with things like Twitch. However, even non-gaming companies can find their niches and better get their message heard and seen by producing valuable content through these new mediums. Content marketing isn't limited to a blog post. - James Simpson, GoldFire Studios

A. Upgrade Offers

We deliver a lot of great content across multiple platforms to our customers, prospects and leads. In 2017, we want to offer content upgrades that will offer something of value over and above what we're currently publishing. For example, with a series of blog posts, visitors can opt to upgrade their content to receive a handy checklist or step-by-step guide to help them solve problems. - Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now

A. Account Based Marketing (ABM)

We have quickly come to realize the great potential that lies in ABM. Marketing has become all about providing our target with amazing value and content, and how better to do that that creating it specifically and uniquely for them? It has become essential to use content and technological automation to be able to truly provide real value to your prospects, and that is what we intend to do. - David Tomas, Cyberclick

A. Geolocation Mobile Marketing

We are interested in attracting many more local customers to our solution, so we are looking to invest in a solution that will provide us with a way to market to specific geographic segments at certain times to maximize their interest in what we offer. - Drew Hendricks, Buttercup

A. Internet Forum

We want our brand to show more compassion to our customers. We market to people who have skin issues, which can often lead to emotional issues. We want to connect with our customers or to others who have questions or need someone to talk to. - Daisy Jing, Banish

A. Video Marketing

2017-01-12-1484236608-5030536-BrianBosche.pngVideo makes business more human. We'll be including video content in sales follow-ups, email signatures, product onboarding emails, customer service responses, email subscription confirmations and social media responses. By incorporating video content into places our customers wouldn't typically expect, we can make a big impact in marketing, sales and customer success. - Brian Bosche, Slope

A. Shoppable Instagram Tags

We're investing in paid Instagram and Pinterest ads in the first quarter of 2017. Instagram recently announced that they will be adding shoppable tags in the future. We're really excited for that to be released so we can add it into our marketing mix. Since our company is visually-oriented, being able to add these tags will benefit us and our clients immensely. - Jayna Cooke, EVENTup

A. Web Messaging

2017-01-12-1484236675-3123149-MarkGhermezian.pngWeb messaging is a method of communicating directly with the people who visit a particular website. For too long, brands haven't had an easy method for communicating with people who visit their websites. Now, you can directly engage web visitors as they browse your site and even after they've left your web presence, depending on what type of web messaging you use. - Mark Ghermezian, Appboy

A. Google Shopping Ads

2017-01-12-1484236735-8836283-JonathanLong.jpgMy company owns and operates a couple consumer products, and we are allocating a large percentage of the marketing budget for Google Shopping Ads, as they are now dominating the highly desired top real estate in the search results. Shopping ads outperform our traditional pay-per-click ads. Their location and the fact that they contain a product image attracts clicks from wallet-out buyers. - Jonathan Long, Market Domination Media®

A. Dual Branding

2017-01-12-1484236799-3798350-MikhailZabezhinsky.pngCreating a website for each of your core competencies allows you to market yourself as an expert in each field. If you have multiple service offerings sometimes customers get turned off because they think you offer too many options. You know what they say --"jack of all trades and master of none." Having different websites for each vertical allows you to be master of all. - Mikhail Zabezhinsky, OceanTech

A. Live Webinars

We believe offering highly valuable webinars to the right audience could help us generate leads. We're looking to execute a webinar marketing strategy where we will offer in-depth webinars for free. Webinars offer an exciting way to interactively engage with users and offer tailored, actionable advice that can give us high-quality leads. - Duran Inci, Optimum7

A. Personalized Emails

Businesses that actively foster personal relationships with their customers perform better. Many companies, however, miss easy opportunities to engage their customers with personalized, low-cost and scalable email marketing campaigns. With a growing stack of affordable solutions, high-touch email campaigns are one of the most promising new ways to nurture your customers. - Bryce Welker, Crush Reviews

A. Retargeting

2017-01-12-1484236898-663582-KristopherJones.pngToo often sales are lost simply because people get distracted. Imagine a potential customer going to Google and typing in a keyword related to your business. They click on your link -- paid or organic -- and end up on your website. But instead of buying something, they get distracted for one reason or another. How can you maximize earning the sale in the future? The answer is retargeting. - Kristopher Jones, LSEO.com

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