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This 15-Minute Pumpkin Soup Recipe Is A Dinnertime Hero

Bow down to the bowl.

It's hard to get your act together during the week to put a home-cooked dinner on the table. We're no strangers to that struggle. No matter how skilled (or not) you might be in the kitchen, energy is running low at the end of the workday. That's why we all need super easy, super fast dinner recipes that feel like a treat -- recipes like this 15-minute pumpkin soup.

Doesn't that look like a great meal to end the day? And it really only takes 15 minutes to make, with just 5 minutes of prep and 10 minutes of cook time. The best part is, it's made with real pumpkin -- no canned stuff here (if you can't find pumpkin, butternut squash will make a nice substitute). This recipe, created by the lovely food blogger behind Recipe Tin Eats, is your weeknight dinnertime hero. And it's just what these dark, fall nights need.

Get the 15-minute easy pumpkin soup recipe and eat a great from-scratch meal tonight without breaking a sweat.

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