15 Of The Craziest College Clubs

Always wanted to go skydiving on the weekends? Have a hankering to wear a clown nose around campus? Are you an avid, but closeted, squirrel fan? While getting involved in normal school clubs like student government and the university newspaper may be your initial thought when you land on campus in the fall, why not branch out and join the weirdest club you can find? Every college student is unique, and these student organizations at universities across the country sure fit with that adjective. Check out this list of some of the quirkiest college clubs we could find!

1. Happiness Club - Northwestern University Always smiling? Always the perkiest one in your friend group? Glass half full type of girl? If you're going to Northwestern, you're in luck! The happiness club's main mission is to spread happiness across campus in simple ways. They chalk streets, post funny pictures and give out free lemonade and hugs. It doesn't get much better than that! Check out this great article about the club!

2. Squirrel Club - University of Michigan "The University of Michigan campus has some really big squirrels--like HUGE--and some students started a Squirrel Club to feed the squirrels peanuts every week," explained Sarah Smith, a University of Michigan student and Her Campus writer. The group even had "Michigan Squirrels" t-shirts created in the same style as an athletic team, which drastically increased their popularity. Heading to the great lakes next year? Check out the club's website.

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