15 People Who Will NOT Apologize For Their Beautiful Dark Skin


These men and women are making it clear that their skin tone is nothing they need to be sorry about by flaunting their melanin on Twitter. Since last week, dark skin men and women have been speaking out against beauty stereotypes which suggests that a lighter skin complexion is more desirable by using the hashtag #IWillNotApologizeForBeingDarkSkin.

Alicia Daniella started #IWillNotApologizeForBeingDarkSkin by asking people to post photos of themselves so that they could flaunt their beautiful dark chocolate complexions. She tweeted that she's experienced a lot of hate because of her skin color, and explained that people with dark skin don't owe anyone an apology for their natural-born skin color. 

"Dark skin men and women are beautiful," she wrote. "We owe no one an explanation as to why we are the way God made us and we definitely aren't going to apologize because our Dark Skin make you feel a type of way."

Fall in love with the photos and wisdom of the gorgeous people who, no doubt, prove the old adage, "the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice."

So much black beauty!

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