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15 Relationships That Might End In A Split Because Of Donald Trump

"My husband wants to vote for Trump. I want to move to Canada."

Differing political views can often be a deal-breaker in romantic relationships. But a Hillary supporter married to someone who plans to vote for Trump? That’s something else entirely.

Below, 16 people share how Trump’s nomination has affected their relationship on Whisper, an app that lets users share their deepest thoughts anonymously

My husband wants to vote for trump. He doesn
My husband told me he
My wife wants to vote for Trump. Is this grounds for divorce?
My husband wants to vote for Trump. I want to move to Canada.
I lost all my sex drive for my long term boyfriend after he told me he legitimately supported Donald Trump for president.
My boyfriend of 5years is a huge Trump supporter. Im a daughter of an illegal immigrant and he knows that. Not sure how to continue loving him.
My husband is voting for Donald Trump and I
I had told my wife that if she truly supports Donald Trump and his policies that we need to get divorced.... Yesterday she brought home the papers.
I lied to my girlfriend. I told her I was voting for Sanders, but voted for Trump instead. If she finds out she
My boyfriend is voting for Donald Trump... Now I
My boyfriend is voting for trump and when I asked why, he said he can really relate to him. There goes that relationship. :/
I actually like Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. I just don
My husband supports Trump and I do not by any means. We decided not to talk about it.
My husband wants to vote for trump. I
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