15 Podcasts That Perfectly Highlight The Diversity of The Black British Experience

15 Podcasts That Perfectly Describe What It Means To Be Black and British
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For a long time now most Black British podcasts have gone without press attention. Where lists have been created you can tell that the writer had a cursory listen to one or two episodes before discarding the podcast and returning to their normal rotation of Gimlet and WNYC polished podcasts that are catered to their interests.

Podcasting has been pretty white for some time, and that couldn't have been more evident than in the UK. Back when we founded the ShoutOut Network there were perhaps 5-8 podcasts and whether all of those were active remains to be seen. Now people are acknowledging that #BlackPodcastsMatter! There are so few lists available that truly highlight just how many Black British podcasts there are in 2016. Here's a sampling of the ones that deserve your ear.

1. Melanin Millennials

Imrie and Satia dole out side-eyes as rapidly as they dish out Melanin Magic to a leading member of the Black British community. They verbally assissinate problematic politicians, celebrities, and arttists. With quick-witted commentary on everything happening in UK media as it relates to the Black British experience or the millennial struggle this show is refreshingly different. The two have a range of entertaining guests that really add to the discussions. They are known to close in on guests and get to the root of their thinking.

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2. Ground Ego

Ground Ego is a platform where a multiplicity of black/inner city perspectives can be discussed and presented. They share many experiences we also have unique interpretations of our experiences, contrary to what many outside of our community might think. We don't all think the same way and agree on everything, as evidenced by many of the lively debates they've had on the show. Their show is where culture, politics or social issues overlap. On Ground, Ego all gradients and variations of the black/inner city perspective are presented and individuals are encouraged to speak their truth.

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3. Artistic State of Mind

Artistic State of Mind is hosted by brother and sister duo Julez and Stephen. You'll get loads sibling bickering in between smooth chilled out discussions about what's happening in the Theatre, Arts and Music. Check out the episode with Natalie Ibu the Artistic Director of Tiata Fahoudzi. They open your eyes to life in the arts and the number of opportunities that are available in these 'all white spaces'.

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4. Cut the Chat

Do you know what men talk about in the barber shop? Well this podcast will break it on down for you. These gents are letting you peep into the Black British male experience with no holds barred. We have to pay homage as they have been in this game longer than us and have toured the country with their show. Definitely worth checking in with them.

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5. Mostly Lit

Initially hosted by Alex Reads and Reckless Rai the show has now added Derek to the mix and it's a fiery show with lots of quick wit and lit shade. These 3 simply cannot agree on anything, so you're bound to have a favourite based on your literature preferences. It's entertaining and will definitely have you shopping on your Kindle.

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6. SSquared

Messy Messy Messy if you like your shade and mess with a British accent then this show is for you. Check them out as it's funny and witty and their Instagram is full of memes. If you like the The Read then listen to these two as they discuss celebrities, world news, tv shows, movies, music and many more interesting topics!

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7. #NoCarbsAfter7

Alex from Mostly Lit recommended #NoCarbsAfter7- a podcast by personal trainers Geena and Yus who banter in between personal training advice. Every week these two fitness enthusiasts discuss life, news, hot topics, music, fitness and much more. discuss, debate and share their life experiences.

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8. It Might Just Be That

The hosts Rival, Kaisha and Ash Houghton bring you music, pop culture peppered with politics and social issues. It's an easy listen and lots of information for Grime and the UK music enthusiasts.

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9. The Unoriginal Podcast

This show is hosted by two Afro-Irish hosts and an Irish woman. Their accents are to die for but they add a much needed commentary on life outside of the London bubble. It's such a refreshing show you won't regret giving it a listen.

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10. Top 4Mation

This show is all about football. LFC, Arsenal and Man Utd fans will love this show for the commentary, banter and fight talk. Joy Kopette is a refreshing voice to cut through the lad banter.

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11. Two Fools Talking

Hosted by, Keira and Soulay these two talking fools discuss everything from blue waffles, to the lack of diversity in ghosts on screen. This show is reminiscent of Another Round with lots of games, drunkness and general tomfoolery. It'll make you laugh, cry and squeal on the tube.

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12. HalfCast

Hosted by Chuckie, this show brings the latest in UK rap, hip hop and entertainment with a uniquely British perspective on American pop culture that may have you scratching your head at one moment and sniggering to yourself on the tube in another. It's full of great twists and turns.

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13. Tea & Biscuits

This fortnightly show is hosted by Sherryl Blu and Miss Mad News. It's a topical show covering news, entertainment and everything in between. Expect raw but candid conversation from two British ladies that have a lot to say about everything!

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14. 1Cuppa 2Sugars

Hosted by the hilariously witty Christabel. She interviews a new #BossLady every month. If you're into girl power, and hearing about amazing women doing big thing in their fields then this show is for you. This show is an easy listen and it's great to find out the origin stories and journeys of amazing British women.

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15. Coffee with Dani

This is a lighthearted lifestyle show, Dani is incredibly likable and she brings her friends on board to discuss life, love, dating and other millennial life struggles. It such an easy show to listen to and incredibly relatable. Definitely worth a listen.

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