15 Questions: Michelle Visage

Many of you know Michelle Visage from the hit show RuPaul's Drag Race, but don't be a fool and mistake her for a one-trick pony. Michelle is a pop star (with multiple number one hits), she is a dedicated mother, a smart business woman and, most importantly, a loving and kind soul. Michelle just released her first book, The Diva Rules. After reading this book, I discovered that Michelle is not only all of the things you would assume of her, but so much more. She is a fighter, and really an inspiration that keeps me dreaming big. This diva has so many exciting things going on in her life, I had to ask her, "15 Questions."

1. First of all, I just wanted to say I am super excited to be in interviewing you. I know we have one big thing in common. We are both huge Madonna fans. What did you think of this last show?

The best I have seen her in YEARS! It's as if she is back to being her twisted-sense-of-humor self and it made me so happy! It was also the first time in ever that she appeared human rather than superhuman to me. It was refreshing and eye opening at the same time.

2. Speaking of Madge, what drag queen do you think can pull off a good Madonna performance?

Manila Luzon does a great one and that is not easy when some girls have gone under the knife to look like their idols.

3. Congrats on your book, "The Diva Rules." What will people find surprising about this read?

That is has less to do with "how to put on false eyelashes" and more to do with "how to get what you want out of life and live your dream."

4. You have become so close to and inspired many of the RuGirls. Have any of them inspired you and how so?

Every single one of them have inspired me and continue to do so. To have the balls to do what they do on a daily basis and do it with such style and pizazz? They are ALL my heroes!

5. What is one thing you can't leave home without?

Cliché and predictable, but true: my cell phone.

6. Have you and RuPaul ever talked about doing another talk show?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! ALL OF THE TIME!!! It WILL happen, don't you worry!

7. "The Diva Rules" is very well written, have you always enjoyed writing? Any plans to write more in the future?

When I was younger, I would write a ton, mostly because my mom told me I had incredible creativity and a gift of using words, only these were words that didn't get me in trouble. It is something I have ALWAYS loved doing and it is indeed a dream realized.

8. Who and/or what makes you laugh the most?

My kids! They are friggin hilarious.

9. What are your feelings on the idea of a transgender version of Drag Race?

I would LOVE IT! Some of the fiercest women and fiercest competitors I have in my life are my trans sisters so yaaaassssss!

photo credit: LOGO TV

10. What does being a DIVA mean to you?

Holding your head high no matter the situation and doing it with class and dignity.

11. You are always looking gorgeous. Any beauty secrets you can share for youthful skin?

Oh, go on... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder for REAL. Water is the answer to everything. So is sunblock, veganism, blah blah blah. Live life and enjoy it, that's the real key to beauty!

12. You have been sober for 25 years. Do you find yourself helping people through their addiction issues?

I have been sober my entire life because I never drank, not because I am a friend of Bill. I help tons of people through their sobriety and getting help, but not because I have lived it, but because I love them, care about them and want them to live their best lives possible. If I can help anyone through that, then that it is my honor.

13. How do you feel about the growing trend of Bio Queens? Are we safe to call you (one of) the original Bio Queens?

Go right ahead! I am indeed not a bio queen, but a drag queen. I LOVE that women are embracing the trend of being a larger version of who they really are; it's liberating! All women are gorgeous so why not feel the part at all times?!

photo credit: Detox Icunt

14. Who was your first gay best friend and do you think that person changed your life?

I actually write ALL about them in my book, but my first gay BFFs were the House of Magnifique in N.Y.C., mainly Cesar Valentino, or house father.

15. Ok, lets play a fun little game. I am going to list some people and you describe each of them in one word. Here we go...

Detox: Soft
Katie Hopkins: Untruthful
Willam: Bottom
RuPaul: Love
Mathu: Maestro
Alaska: Talented
Perez Hilton: Wounded
Laganja: Growing
Madonna: Idol
Santino: Pure
Idalis DeLeon: Beautiful
Hillary Clinton: President

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