15 Reasons to Stop Driving Your Dry Cleaning around in Your Car

Studies have shown that nearly fifty percent of couples argue about housework.

Laundry: a daily, thankless chore. One that needs to get done seamlessly because life is too short to bicker about dirty clothes.

Want to eliminate your dry-cleaning chore from your to-do list? Using a free pick-up and delivery dry cleaners will save you hours over the course of a month. Find one in your area that offers quality cleaning service, and with the free added convenience of having it picked up and hand-delivered to your front door.

Here are 15 reasons to use a pick-up and delivery dry cleaning service:

1. Your car will no longer be a storage vessel for dirty clothes.

2. You'll be able to stop blaming the smell of your car on the dirty clothes and have the time to clean it, eliminating the true source of the odor.

3. Your spouse will not ask if her shirts are at the dry cleaners or still your car.

4. You won't forget to drop by the dry cleaners in the morning.

5. You won't forget to stop by the dry cleaners on your way home.

6. You'll no longer have to look-up the hours of the dry cleaners.

7. You'll have that shirt cleaned and ready before that important business meeting.

8. You'll no longer have to search both cars and all closets in order to pack for a trip.

9. You won't have to drag your children into the dry cleaners for a five-minute errand.

10. You won't have to lock your children into the car and leave them unattended for a five-minute stop into the dry cleaners.

11. You can avoid that internal debate with yourself if it's safe or socially appropriate for you to leave the children in the car for that five-minute stop into the dry cleaners.

12. You won't leave any item at the dry cleaners for beyond their thirty-day limit.

13. You won't have to small talk with the dry cleaner about the weather.

14. You won't have to awkwardly explain any weird stain in person. A simple note in a provided bag will do.

15. You will no longer worry if your clothes were grouped together because you'll have your own bag with your information on it.

Enjoy your extra time.