15 Creative Seating Signs Fit For A Bride And Groom

In all the excitement of greeting your guests and getting ready for dinner to be served, it can be easy to to forget to save yourself a seat!
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In all the excitement of greeting your guests and getting ready for dinner to be served, it can be easy to to forget to save yourself a seat! Create clever signs to display on the backs of your chairs to let everyone know where the couple of the hour can be found, and to give your seat an extra-special touch. Label your chairs with your names, initials, or even "Mr." and "Mrs." or "Bride" and "Groom." We've seen this trend gain momentum in the last few years, and we love how creative couples have become!

See how 15 real couples labeled their chairs, using flowers, burlap, wood, and even horseback riding award ribbons. Hint: this makes a great DIY project for you and your fiancé(e)! Get inspired by the adorable bride and groom signs in the photos below.

Rustic Engraved Logs
Photo by Lucky Love Photography
Slices of a tree branch were carved with "Mr." and "Mrs." and hung on the backs of wooden chairs to beautifully complement this nature-themed wedding.

Simple Fabric Sleeves
Photo by Robert Evans Studio
Ghost chairs are meant to blend seamlessly into the wedding décor, so opt for an easy and subtle label like these fabric bands.

Equestrian Inspiration
Photo by Chrisman Studios
The bride and groom who planned this wedding love horseback riding, so they utilized horse show award ribbons in their chair labels!

Calligraphy Signs Tied With Ribbon
Photo by Christian Oth Studio
A calligrapher can easily create elegant signs featuring a classic script to be tied to chairs with silky ribbon.

Heart-Shaped Labels
Photo by Callaway Gable
What better shape to inspire your labels than a heart?

Glitter Bomb
Photo by Callaway Gable
Many brides would agree that there's no such thing as too much sparkle! Trace elegant lettering in glitter for a perfect hint of shine.

Bold Wooden Sign
Photo by Regina Hyman
Make sure no one steals your seat with a sign emblazoned with the words "Bride" and "Groom!"

Burlap and Twine
Photo by Clane Gessel Photography
These simple but chic signs are made out of burlap and attached to the chairs with twine -- we love the unique positioning below the seat!

Floral Initials
Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie
Rows of perfect pink blooms form the bride and groom's initials, tied to their chairs with white ribbon.

Garland of Flowers
Photo by Kris Kan
Make your seat extra special by draping a floral garland across the chair.

Lettered Tiles
Photo by Laurie Bailey Photography
For an antique feel, thread hand-painted letters onto pieces of twine to spell out "Groom," "Bride," or your names.

Ribbons and Flowers
Photo by Next Exit Photography
Matching bouquets of purple flowers gathered with blue ribbon provide the finishing touch on weathered chairs labeled with rustic signs.

Whimsical Letters
Photo by Andi Diamond Photography
Hang each individual letter, accented with bunches of roses and baby's breath, from chairs with pink ribbon!

Miniature Chalkboards
Photo by Realities Photography
Say it with chalk! Draw cute designs on chalkboards for a shabby-chic celebration.

Block Letters
Photo by Walters & Walters
Perfectly carved block letters complement a chic black-and-white wedding.

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