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15 Side Gigs for Making Money From Home

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Who hasn't dreamed of firing their boss and working from home? The idea of working on your own schedule, doing the projects you love, is alluring. You could spend more time with your loved ones and family, and finally ditch that awful commute. This doesn't have to be only a dream. Running a home business can actually be much more profitable and rewarding than your day job. So what's stopping you from getting started?

Here is a list of the most-profitable home-based businesses.


For those gifted with the written word, blogging can be a great way to monetize. You can easily create a site for yourself using Wordpress. Once your blog is up and running with some visitors, you can make money with AdSense, affiliate programs, ads and sponsorships, or making your own e-book. A great example is Lorena Knapp of Big, State, Big Life.

Share Your Knowledge

Teachers come in many forms and can teach anything from a second language to valuable skills for the work place to yoga. Teach what you know best to those who are eager to learn. With online ads and marketing finding students can be easier than you think. The amount of money you make somewhat depends on what you want to teach or tutor, but check out what chemistry tutor Betsy Heckman has done.


Have valuable knowledge that can help others make more money or save money? Then consulting may be perfect for you. There are consultants for everything from business and finance to renewable energy and more. A website and online ads can help you find clients, but you can also build your reputation and get referrals offline. Tor Valenza did just that with Solar Energy Marketing.

Repair & Maintenance

Everything that we regularly use is subject to wear and tear. In the age of sustainability and greener economics, repair and maintenance is taking off. If you're already handy with fixing things, you might want to look into making that a source of income. Richard Emmons made the most of his skills by creating Pop Deck, which are easy to install decks.


Are you the person who is always planning everyone's parties and events? Creating a planning service company can be more than just a side income, especially when looking at costly lifetime events such as weddings. It helps a lot if you already have relationships with vendors and venues, but this is not necessary, and anyone can start.


Life is full of critical decisions, so finding the right guidance is priceless. There are a variety of niches for advisors, including financial, college admissions, career, and life coaching. Lore Cohen is an excellent business and life coach who makes a living doing so.


There is no shortage of demand for web and app developers these days. Learning to program can be a great way to make a second income or work remotely, and regularly take home six figure incomes. If you don't already know how to code, you can learn from scratch for free from sites like Code Academy.


Do you love making people's spaces beautiful and organized? Create a portfolio and get testimonials from those you have worked with for social proof, and then start going after clients. See what Hannah Ruskin did with Swell Spaces Interior.


Do you love making yards beautiful? Starting your own landscaping business takes as little capital as owning a lawnmower, and you can easily scale with more employees. California ay area landscaping businesses that have started from scratch can make a six figure income.


Tax season is just around the corner, and seasonal accountants are getting ready to fill their pockets with anxious clients. While there are different levels of accounting work, and the highest level does require examinations, basic tax preparation and other accounting services can be done without a degree. You can start learning accounting with online courses and books.

Digital Media

Photographers and film-makers are in demand, but the niche is competitive. Still, if you find your niche, you can make a steady income with photography or video for events, advertisements, and more. See what Kennedy DeSousa has done with "Look-Books" for Models.


Speak another language? Why not give translation a shot? There are tons of sites like o-desk that are hiring freelancers, but if you're good at this you can even make this a web-based business. Languages in-demand includes Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese, but every language needs translation services. If you can find an unfilled niche around your first or second language, you might find yourself with a cash cow.


There are a variety of businesses around food, ranging from baking to catering, but if you're good with food, the list can be endless. People have made great money from bottling their own jams and capers. One great case of success is with Tastypopia pies.


Some people are naturally creative individuals who are talented with artisan craftsmanship, and other people in this world are absolutely not. Whether your business is selling crafts directly or helping people with do-it-yourself projects, there are many models to make money with your crafts. Etsy stores can be a great way to do this, which is what Savannah Correll of Crafts and Prints has done.

Travel Agent

Love to travel or used to live in another country? This might be a great space for you. While some people specialize in helping people book routing hacks or complicated itineraries, there are others who also help people plan off-the-beaten path travel. Others help people with more complicated things like immigration, which is what Andy Denison does with Mon Ami Andy, which helps people immigrate to France.

The options for home based businesses are endless. Whatever your skills are, you can turn it into a side business (or full time gig) as long as there are customers. What business would you run out of your home? Please tell us in the comments.

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