15 Stunning Photos Show There’s More To Women Than What Meets The Eye

A new campaign offers an honest perspective on women’s relationships with their bodies.
A new campaign is highlighting the beauty in body love. 
A new campaign is highlighting the beauty in body love. 

Every woman has a different story about her body ― and a new campaign is highlighting just how beautiful these differences are.

Created by Australian photographer Amy D. Herrmann, the Kickstarter campaign titled “Underneath We Are Women” features photographs of 100 women in their underwear proudly showing off their bodies and the different physical and mental hardships each woman has endured.

“I wanted to create a project that was as much about the diversity of women’s bodies as it was about the stories behind those people,” Herrmann told The Huffington Post.

The series features a diverse group of women ranging from 19 to 73 years old. The group of women photographed for the series include a breast cancer survivor, a lesbian couple with their child, a trans woman, a disabled woman, an eating disorder survivor, a body builder and many more. 

“You will see the true diversity of women in both physical appearance and the stories underneath that exterior,” Herrmann wrote about the campaign on Kickstarter. “You will see the many ways in which women are born and the ways in which they change and develop through their entire lives.”

“Underneath We Are Women” is an honest and raw depiction of women and their bodies. 

Watch the Kickstarter video for the campaign below. 

A Kickstarter campaign was recently launched to raise money to make the campaign into a photo book. The book will feature “100 women, 100 bodies and 100 stories,” according to the campaign’s Kickstarter website. The book will also include each woman’s body image story alongside her photo. 

Herrmann explained to HuffPost why she thinks it’s so important to highlight women’s empowerment through body image.

“What if we began to see images that promoted diversity and acceptance, imagine how women might begin to feel if they actually felt included in this society,” Herrmann said. “We spend too much time thinking about the negative aspects of ourselves and it’s time to change that. It’s time to stop perceiving a woman’s confidence as arrogance and disguising self-depreciation as some type of modesty.”

Included beside each photo is what every woman feels “underneath” her exterior such as “Underneath I am positive” and “Underneath I am resilient.”  

"Underneath I am positive." 
"Underneath I am positive." 

By depicting what’s underneath a woman’s exterior, Herrmann hopes her work will serve as a reminder that we all have our own struggles and some of these battles aren’t always visible.

Herrmann explained on Kickstarter:

Society [has] developed a myriad of stereotyped responses to certain body types. That is, the fat girl who needs the gym. The skinny girl who needs to eat more. The disabled woman who needs sympathy. The beautiful girl that is always happy. But these are simply programmed responses created by us and for us to suit a greater societal ideal for what is deemed acceptable and “normal.” What if you actually knew these people? What if you took the time to hear their story? You’d hear that the fat girl goes to the gym 4 times a week and is on her journey to becoming a personal trainer. You’d hear that the skinny girl has terminal Cancer. The beautiful girl is living with depression. The disabled woman is perfectly able. You’d hear and see truth. How beautiful is that?

Scroll below to see 15 of the 100 women featured in Herrmann’s “Underneath We Are” series.  

Images may be considered NSFW to some readers. 

Head over to Kickstarter to read more about the “Underneath We Are Women” campaign. 



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