Niall Horan, Justin Bieber And 13 Other Teen Celebs Who Are Selfie Pros! (PHOTOS)

15 Teen Celebs Who Are Selfie Pros! (PHOTOS)

If Twitter and Instagram have taught us anything, it's that teen celebs are experts at taking selfies. From Niall Horan to Becky G, these young stars understand the art of a good self-photo... or, at least, that they can be pretty hilarious when you want them to be.

But what, exactly, makes a good selfie? Selena Gomez shared her wisdom in a recent Radio Disney interview.

"Usually a pucker of the lips for a girl, and [that it] looks like they didn't take like 500 other ones before they got that one," she said. "It looks like 'oh, I just woke up!'"

Considering her ex-boyfriend is Justin Bieber -- king of Instagram selfies -- we'll take her word on this one.

Click through our slideshow below for 15 teen celebs who we dub true selfie pros, and tell us: are you sick of the trend? What are your "self-photo" rules? Sound off in the comments below or tweet @huffpostteen!

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15 Teen Celeb Selfie Pros

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