15 Things From College You Need To Toss Right Now

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College is a time of growth, both in and out of the classroom. From art history to the best way to cure a hangover, those four years pack in a lot of lessons that you can carry with you long after you've been handed a diploma. But some things, like beer pong, Solo cups, and sad dining-hall food, are best left behind.

You don't have to sleep in a twin XL bed anymore, so there's no reason that your apartment should look like you do. It's time to say thanks for the memories and let go. And, we're here to tell you how.

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A friend who was an international student once told me that, for an event freshman year, she was told to wear jeans and a T-shirt. She didn't own a T-shirt. By sophomore year, she had a drawer full of 'em. Whether it's for volunteer days, sorority functions, or football games, free tees are an inevitable part of the college experience. While it's fine to keep a few around for the gym, make Marie Kondo proud and toss the rest right now.


Flasks tend to conjure up two images: cowboys or English gentry taking nips of whiskey, or college students using them to adulterate soda illicitly at concerts. Chances are, you're none of these things, and the time has come to part with your purse-friendly booze container.


One of the best things about being out of college? No more 10-page papers in 12-point font. One of the best parts about having an office job? Access to a printer for those rare occasions when you need a hard copy of something. Either of these facts renders that inkjet gathering dust under your bed useless.


Thanks to Spotify and Netflix, your mix CDs and Friends DVDs have become less a source of entertainment and more a plastic memorial to outdated technologies. Donate them to your favorite second-hand store and thank your Roku for your newly discovered shelf space.


A body pillow was great when your bed had to play double duty as a couch, table, and pretty much every other piece of furniture your life lacked. But once you've left the dorm and are no longer sharing your sleeping space with a mini-fridge, it's time to bid the body pillow adieu. Like wearing sweatpants 24/7, it might be comfy, but it's a slovenly luxury of the past now.


Like your dorm-room bed, a coffee mug was a lot of things in college: a bowl, a pencil holder, an appropriate thing to serve wine out of. So who cared if they were a mishmash of hand-me-downs and giveaways, and probably chipped, to boot? Thank your mugs for all they've done for you and send them to that great dishwasher in the sky (via your recycling) and buy a set of matching cups. New level of adulthood achieved.

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By: Marshall Bright

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