17 Thoughts You'll Have When You Discover Your First Gray Hair

Oh, the horror!

Whether you're 18, 28, or 58, every one of us will ultimately one day come face to face in the mirror with our first gray hair. No, it's not a sign that you're "old." It just means you're a mere mortal.

Still, not everyone handles it well. Just for fun, we asked our Huff/Post50 Facebook fans to share their experiences of getting their first gray hair. "I was a freshman in high school. My classmates found it and started yanking it out. What went through my mind? I'm too young to be old!" said Kristine Guetschow.


Here's some of what the others had to say:

1. Wait, how did I get glitter in my hair? Let me brush that away.

2. Wait that's not sparkle...

"I was 28 and my son said 'mom, you have a sparky hair'," said Kat Kay.

3. Maybe it's the lighting in here...

4. This couldn't be...

5. Let me take a closer look.

6. Oh no.... shouldn't have.

7. Oh s***!!!! What if I just pull it out? Is it true that more gray hairs will grow in its place?

"At age 54! I saw it and thought, well, I need to pull this one out. It turned into about 100 in no time, and I stopped pulling them out!" said Becky Quinlan.

8. But I'm too young to be old!

9. This is all my dad's fault.

10. That's it. Here comes a lifetime of hair dye.

11. Happy birthday to me. Age: officially old.

"I was 35 years old and the first thought was 'I am getting old'," said Liliana Guzman-Lopez.

12. Thank God for hair dye, though.

13. I guess there's still time for the "total takeover."

14. Maybe I can work this look.

"52. Not such a big deal. Figure I have earned a lot more!" said Gayle Lewis Hiner.

15. After all, George Clooney still looks good, right?

16. Right! And, so does Jamie Lee Curtis.

17. I'm definitely going to be a silver fox. 


Now go show off your gray boldly!

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