15 Easy, Actionable, Totally Transforming Tips to Get Healthier in 2015

15 Easy, Actionable, Totally Transforming Tips to Get Healthier in 2015
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It's that time of year again when we all create New Year's resolutions in desire for change, betterment and self improvement. Here are some of the best (which I practice myself) to get you geared up for making 2015 healthy and empowering:

Body Healthy

Reduce your intake of "white carbs" -- potatoes, bread, white rice, flour, ANYTHING that is a "white" carbohydrate. They are quickly metabolized into sugar and are not needed in huge amounts unless you are running a marathon, climbing the Himalayas, or involved in some activity where carb burning for fuel over a long duration is necessary.

Move your body every single day. No skipping out. If you don't feel up to going to the gym to exercise, go outside and walk, run or (be silly and) skip. Move every part of you... not just your legs, but your arms, waist, hips, shoulders, butt... shall I go on?

Drink water until you become a sea or have to pee... No, not really, but drink MORE clean, filtered water. It's great for hydration, detoxification, yada yada yada (you have already heard the milieu of reasons why water is good for you).

Keep your oral cavity fresh and clean -- we're talking your MOUTH here... and oh, your teeth and tongue too. Your mouth is host to a ton of bacteria, germs and all that yicky yucky stuff, so clean it, irrigate it, swish it with basic cleansing solutions (e.g., filtered water and baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, sea salt and water are just a few to consider). Your dentist will LOVE me for this one!

Massage, Massage, Massage. It that clear? Get a professional massage OR massage yourself. In Ayurveda, we call this Abhyanga (self massage). Massages are not just for spa-goers anymore. They are medicinal. The message of massage is that it sends real time signals to your cells to relax, regroup and regenerate. Send your cells some love with a calming, soothing massage. Your body will thank you for it.

Mind Healthy

Stop telling yourself you're "too old," "too tired" or "not good enough." Just STOP! You believe what you tell yourself, so tell yourself something good... like... "I feel younger every day," or "I'm so ready to DO this!" You can't empower yourself with negative thoughts and negative self talk.

Choose your words wisely. Communication and your verbal response to situations can create a "window" (of opportunity) or a "wall" for you. You set the stage for how others will react to your words by the words you choose to say and how you say/express them.

Disconnect from electronics for a breather. Yep. Internet, gaming, social media, email, texting. Just relish in QUIETness for a few days! No, you don't HAVE to do yoga or meditate, just be SILENT. If you MUST connect, try the old fashioned way: person-to-person interface OR a phone call.

Sprinkle some understanding and compassion on the next circumstance or situation which makes you upset, angry or sad. Your emotions are only controlled by YOU. Instead of bursting out in anger, being sulky and sullen or fidgeting in frustration, stop and try to put yourself in the place of that "other" person (s) you are ready to blame. If there is no "person" accept the hard fact that life always takes you for a ride, like it or not. There will be mountains, storms, and tsunamis. Your mindset: Climb the mountain or find a more scalable path, go through the storm or sit it out, and run fast or take cover when tsunami hits. Life can be challenging, but don't let its spikes champion you.

Make new friends outside of your age group. Accept the wisdom from elders and the sparkle, hope and inspirations from the youngsters. Expand your friendship base to include others with different (and even opposing) viewpoints than your own. A big win for self growth here!

Spirit/Soul Healthy

Get the heck out of your bubble... (aka your abode, your neighborhood, your hangout). Explore new places. Change up your environment. Not only will this REfresh you, it will actually expand your mental awareness and learning capacity. No long vacations required. A few days away (a long weekend would be ideal) can re-energize body, mind and spirit!

Monkey around and have fun. Be playful! Easier said than done, especially when you become a grown up (aka adult). Laugh when you hear/see humor and don't stop yourself from it. The power of playfulness can fuel your soul tank in more ways than you could ever imagine. Go ahead. Dare you! Na na nana na!

Cook at home more. Seriously? Yep. Cook... like in REAL food (not processed, pre-made or restaurant take out). Use real pots and pans. (Thats why you received them for your bridal shower.) Host a small intimate dinner party with people you know, who don't yet know each other. Create community. (This happens to be one of my favorite things to do... amazing how at the end of the dinner party everyone is so connected!)

Work at repairing or mending a broken relationship. This is of utmost importance not only from a spiritual perspective, but from an emotional one as well. By relieving that angst you have held onto from a poor past relationship, you free your emotional body. It feels like a huge load is lifted. You feel lighter. Relationships are dynamic and not every one of them will be in perfect balance at any point in time. Maintain a watchful eye and nourish those which are most out of balance.

Find what makes you happy. Seriously? Have you heard this only 20 gazillion times this year? Find happiness. Get happy. Be happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Are you just exhausted from trying to find and BE happy? Okay I fibbed. This one is NOT SO easy but it IS very actionable! Here's the tried and true secret: You are here on earth to expand your happiness. (Oh boy, not again!) And here's the "secret agent" secret: ONLY you can determine what will make you happy. No doctor, parent, bff, guru, minister, rabbi or coach can do it for you. Just you and YOU alone. That can be scary, huh? Is happiness really that elusive? Imaginary? Only felt by a select few? No. No. and No. But to know and FEEL happiness, you will need to get to the root of YOU. Your essence. No shortcuts here. Yes, your brain is very involved in your happiness factor, however, you can help your brain to rewire itself. To learn. But to start, you need to disrobe, declutter, disengage, detach and dispose of old patterns. Spiritual and emotional cleansing will be in order. Naked you! And when you discover your bliss, guess what? Your health will love you even more.

Here's to hoping you put some MOA (Momentum of Action) behind these Top 15 Tips to Get Healthier in 2015. Happy New Year! You are your own greatness! Shine!

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