15 Tweets From Your Favorite Celebs Before They Were Famous

Celebs talk kids' menus, Pokémon and Girl Scout cookies

There's nothing better than stumbling down a rabbit hold of old celebrity tweets. Unless it's finding a veritable treasure trove of ones from some of our favorite celebrities that predate their fame. We love hearing their unfiltered thoughts before their streams were overrun with promotions for their latest projects.

Case in point:

Lana Del Rey sharing her ultimate aspirations, long before she had hundreds of Tumblr accounts devoted solely to her.

Harry Styles exemplifying **stellar** fashion taste even before he was big enough to have a stylist:

T. Swift's first tweet (ever!), when she still had time to care for pets:

Camila Cabello just, you know, dealing with normal teen stuff and expressing her concern in true ALL CAPS Camila fashion, before Fifth Harmony totally blew up:

Rebel Wilson brainstorming brilliant ideas for new Olympic sports before her fame skyrocketed when she starred in movies like "Pitch Perfect":

A 12-year-old Jaden Smith insightfully warning us that he was destined to become the next crazy tweeter (and alluding to Destiny's Child in the process -- well done, J):

You were right, Jaden; we were not ready for this:

Cody Simpson exemplifying fanboy tendencies of his own before he had his own pack of fangirls:

Lorde shopping at the $2 store (before she was wearing $1,200 necklaces -- hard earned, we might add -- in music videos):

Joe Jonas enjoying the simpler things in life (and summarizing our very thoughts) during a more stagnant period of the Jonas Brother's fame:

Anna Kendrick going unrecognized at the airport, and being mistaken for an unaccompanied minor (before she was big enough to be recognized at the airport, apparently!):

A young Hailee Steinfeld defending her love of the kids' menu before becoming one of the most sophisticated young icons on the scene (and now a recording artist!):

Michael of 5SOS explaining what he used to do, back in the days before he was busy touring the world with his band:

Charli XCX, prior to exploding as Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" sidekick, just dancing like your average teen:

Ed Sheeran asking some very deep philosophical questions prior to his music dominating the charts:

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