15 Tweets That Perfectly Describe The Web Designer Life

Having completed a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, I've picked up one thing or two about coding. Web design though is an entirely different beast to tame. I am not claiming to be a web design expert. I've built a couple of websites for university projects but if you're looking for someone to talk about IDEs, browser plug-ins or scaffolding tools, I'm not your girl.

However, ever since I started my own entertainment blog from scratch, I've been slightly emerged in the web design world. Looking into topics such as web design mistakes to avoid or trends to look out for in 2016 is something that I didn't really think I'd do but here I am.

Now, again - I can't even dare to say that I know what web designers are going through. Demanding clients, incompatible plugins, widgets full of bugs are only a tiny fraction of what a web designer has to go through. I'm hearing it from friends who have entered the agency or the freelancing space. That's why I decided to make a compilation of some of the best tweets I found about the "web designer life".


Sofia Katsali has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and she's the founder and social media producer of entertainment blog Propcake. She has been interviewed by MTV Act for her online work and is passionate about all things digital, travel, films & TV shows.