Happy Birthday, Simon Bolivar: Here's 15 Famous Venezuelan Artists To Know (IMAGES)

15 Venezuelan Artists You Should Know

Today is the birthday of Simon Bolivar, the famous leader of Venezuela who played a key role in South America's successful bid for independence from the Spanish Empire in the early 19th century. So as citizens of Venezuela celebrate Bolivar's birthday, we'd like to highlight 15 artists who represent some of Venezuela's most important creative figures from his reign to today. From past artists like Martín Tovar y Tovar and Cristóbal Rojas to more contemporary painters, sculptors and architects like Carlos Cruz-Diez and Jesus Rafael Soto, the artists represent a broad survey of the country's recent art history.

Check out the slideshow of important Venezuelan art figures and add your favorite artists in the comments section below!

Cristóbal Rojas

15 Venezuelan Artists You Should Know

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