15 Ways The Arts And Culture Community Is Aiding Hurricane Sandy Relief (PHOTOS)

The arts and culture communities have certainly proven their resiliency this week, as members near and far have extended help to Hurricane Sandy survivors still reeling from the storm's wrath. Visual artists and indie musicians alike have organized art auctions, online sales, and benefit shows in the immediate days following the disaster, donating proceeds to The American Red Cross, Amnesty International, Occupy Sandy and other hurricane-related aid efforts.

The events this week are still inspiring, with many art sales and shows contributing 100% of their profits to continued support. So, dear readers, we've put together an A&C Guide to Sandy Relief -- a roundup of the New York art and culture community's amazing post-disaster efforts.

Scroll through the slideshow below and let us know of any events we missed in the comments section.

Art For A Good Cause
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