<i>Awesome Sauce</i>: 16 Chefs on Twitter

Rather than use twitter as simply a promotional tool for their own recipes, they see it as a meeting place where food lovers are happy to chat, exchange links, and bring the sizzle!
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This is the latest post in our series, TwitterPowerhouses, which focuses on the contributions of people who've helped to expand, influence, and redefine how we view social networking.

Food nourishes both the body and soul; it is an adventure in taste, sound, color, texture, and smell. Food is emotional, carrying us back to our childhood or allowing us to travel far off to a distant, exotic land. It is both sensual and healing, and preparing our favorite dish - from a bit of comfort food to a great holiday feast - is a wonderful way to offer a part of ourselves to those whom we love.

Food has always been our passion. Jamie, an expat in a culturally mixed marriage, loves experimenting with, and learning about, the foods, traditions and customs from all over the world. The Mille-feuille of France. The Bocaditos of Argentina. The Tandoori Dishes of India. And, in Ivory Coast, there's kedjenou. Like music, food is a universal language. Jamie's blog, Life's a Feast, is a beautiful, culinary playground that speaks the language.

This is why we are excited about the chefs are profiled in this piece. They share this passion. Rather than use twitter as simply a promotional tool for their own recipes, they see it as a meeting place where food bloggers, professional foodies, cookbook authors and specialists are happy to chat, exchange links, and bring the sizzle! So pour on the awesome sauce for these 16 Twitter Powerhouses.

Helene Dujardin /@SweetTarteletteFormer pastry chef, now professional food stylist and photographer, Helene
Dujardin is known to bloggers around the world as the Macaron Queen: her
flavor combinations amaze! Check out her work at Mytartelette.
John-Bryan Hopkins /@FoodimentaryA blogger for MyRecipes, Hopkins is a Twitter legend. He was one of first
people to tweet about food. His feed, with info on food culture and
trivia, is a two time Winner of the Shorty Awards, Twitter's Oscars.
Debbie Lee /@SeoultoSoulA season 5 finalist of "The Next Food Network Star", Lee isone of the darlings of Hollywood. She has the buzz that willlikely mean big things in 2011 for her unique Korean and Southern dishes.
Rick Bakas /@RickBakasThe author of "Quick Bites", Bakas is a noted wine expertand social media director for Saint Supery Vineyards
and Winery in Napa Valley. He shares his food
and wine tips at rickbakas.com
Dorie Greenspan /@doriegreenspan
The author of 10 cookbooks, including Baking With Julia (Child, of course)
and the very popular Baking From My Home to Yours, Dorie is very well
known and her recipes are recreated by many across the blogosphere!
Maximillian Barry /@NU_Fit
This natural chef and personal trainer has great recipes ranging from
organic ketchup to wild salmon with blueberry-basil salsa. Maximillian's passion
for heathy eating is legendary.
Shuna Fish Lydon /@shunafish
Professional pastry chef now working in NYC with a popular blog,
Shuna tweets about life behind the scenes in a restaurant,
giving valuable info and tips along the way.
Dan Lepard /@dan_lepard
An award winning baker and cookbook author based in
London, Dan's popular website with recipes and news
also has a great forum for discussion and ideas.
Laura Levy/@LaurasRecipesCreator of the popular recipe blog LaurasBestRecipes, this business owner and visionary has a highly anticipated book of
delicious delights on the way in early 2011.
Florentina /@CiaoFlorentinaAs host of CiaoFlorentina.com, she provides enlightened, Twitter-liciouscommentary on all things "Peace, Love and Food". Her pasta and
risotto dishes are best friends to the taste buds.
Peter Minaki /@kalofagas
Kalofagas means Gourmet in Greek, and nothing describes Peter better!
A Canadian, he's an amazing cook and expert on all things Greek,
especially food! His blog and tweets are great fun!
@foodblogforumFood Blog Forum, started by Jaden and Scott Hair (of Steamy Kitchen)
and Todd Porter and Diane Cy (of White on Rice Couple), is a fantastic website.
No, this isn't one person. But they all speak with one voice.
The tweets includes links to posts about food
styling, technology, social media, etc.
Bridget Davis /@Bridget_Cooks "Flavor profiler and culinary craftsman", Davis' recipes are known throughout South East Asia and Australia. Her blog,
The Internet Chef, is a certified must read.
Debbie Frangipane /@dolcedebbieExecutive Chef and Culinary Director for Savory Adventures,
Debbie hosts luxury getaways to Italy's most amazing destinations. Her recipes
and tireless work on behalf of charities get major kudos.
Giuliano Hazan /@Giulianohazan
Lael Hazan
Giuliano is a renowned Italian chef and cookbook author, who, with his wife
Lael, runs cooking schools on two continents. They are contributing editors on
Saveur, and their blog is a warm, loving home of
fabulous Italian recipes.

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