16 Gorgeous Beauty Products You'll Want To Buy Just For The 'Gram

We've all done it for the 'gram. We're just the first to admit it.

We’re firm believers in beauty products both beautifying and being beautiful themselves.

We all know that feeling when you’re scrolling through Instagram and you develop a crush on someone’s whole ‘gram aesthetic.

“Those products! That placement! I need it all,” you think to yourself.

Well, no need to pine anymore. We’ve rounded up a solid group of beauty products that are sure to be the ‘gram envy of all of your friends (and, oh yeah, they work great too!).

1. Oak & Ashland Floral Infused Body Oil ($60)
With its super subtle floral scent, this body oil with gorgeous flowers in it is a delight to both wear and keep out on your dresser for all to see.
2. Glossier Balm Dotcom ($12)
Your lips will thank you for these balms -- especially the mint one, which does double duty as both a lip moisturizer and breath freshener. They also come with stickers when you order them so you can customize the packaging to your heart's content.
3. Olio E Osso Balm Sticks ($28)
This balm is extremely layerable and the scent is far from overwhelming. A great multipurpose tool -- acting as a lipstick, cheek stain and an eyeshadow.
4. Dose of Colors Brushes ($14 - $30)
Each brush has a clean, white handle with a brushed rose gold metal accent. They make you feel like you're painting the Mona Lisa on your own face.
5. French Girl Organics Sea Spray - Jasmin/Néroli ($12)
A lovely combo of jasmine and sea salts makes this a fabulous texturizer and hair fragrance.
6. Shhh Silk 2-Pack Marble Silk Pillowcase ($139)
Kim Kardashian swears by sleeping on a silk pillowcase because they supposedly reduce hair breakage and can extend the lifespan of a blowout. We don't need much more convincing than that. Especially when these gorgeous marble-printed pillowcases exist.
7. Herbivore Coco Rose Lip Collection ($49)
These coconut oil lip balms smell INCREDIBLE and are perfect for freshening up. They're also uber hydrating.
8. Retrouvé Skincare ($75 - $445)
The feel of each of these serums and creams is extremely luxurious, but we can't get over the jet black packaging. They're sexy AND effective.
9. T3 SinglePass Luxe Straightening and Styling Iron ($180)
We. Love. Rose. Gold. We also love a flatiron that can do our hair the way we want it in not a lot of time. This baby can straighten your hair lightning fast and looks killer while doing it.
10. Diptyque Fresh Lotion For The Body ($60)
Everyone's favorite candle brand has a skincare line and more people need to be aware of it. Look at those labels! The scent on these is also gloriously soft and the texture is just right, especially for hot and humid days.
11. Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick ($32)
These matte lipsticks are what we imagine Hollywood starlets in the '50s would swoon over. They have a really creamy texture with crazy bright pigment and the copper tube is chic AF.
12. Real Techniques Miracle Diamond Sponge ($10)
These will give your beauty blenders a run for their money. For half the price of traditional blenders, these babies can blend from so many angles and get into every single corner of your face.
13. Fig + Moss Mist, Serum, & Elixir ($22 each)
The Rose Petal Mist is the sort of thing you spray on someone's pillow before you leave their house so they never forget you. The Elixir is a perfect before-bed skin treat and the Serum is NOT kidding when it says it makes you luminescent. You will get compliments from your friends. You're welcome.
14. LuMee iPhone 6S Black Marble Case ($54.95)
Okay, so this isn't exactly a beauty product, but it is AMAZING at documenting beauty -- it's a LuMee (you know, the iPhone cases that make your selfies bomb.com?). If you didn't notice from the rest of this list, we love marble and this special edition black marble case is stunning.
15. Byredo Unnamed Perfume ($230)
Byredo always has dope perfumes, but this one comes with a kit so you can name it yourself. It's pricey, sure, but the DIY factor makes this the best grown-up toy ever.
16. Tocca Hair Fragrance ($36)
We love these romantic bottles so we were pretty much sold by that alone. The scents of these are extremely fresh and we couldn't stop smelling our hair all day.
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