'16 & Pregnant': Is Devon The Worst New Dad In The History Of The Show? (VIDEO)

There were definite ups and downs in Briana's journey toward being a teen mom on "16 & Pregnant" (Tue., 10 p.m. ET on MTV). She and her mother definitely had fun proving that unusual names aren't only for celebrities. She settled on the name Nova Star, because she felt her baby was like the "birth of a star."

But things are awkward as well, for several reasons. For one, her sister Brittany got pregnant around the same time as her, but opted for an abortion. And then there's Nova's father, Devon. First he blows her off, ignoring her texts in the lead-up to the baby. Then he gets mad because he didn't get a say in the name -- because he wasn't there.

He does show up for the birth, but after finding out she wasn't going to give the baby his name, he stormed off to go play basketball. Certainly not making a good name for young fathers out there. He checks in a few weeks later, and then stands her and the baby up in what Hollywood Life called one of the saddest scenes in the history of the show. All the while, Briana wonders if she made the right decision when she sees the life Brittany is leading.

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