16 Reasons Why Print Books Will Always Be The Best

Number 5: Big books are a great arm workout, no gym required.

When readers talk about the future of books, two roads diverge: the pixelated path paved with Amazon ads, and the road less traveled, a path for those committed to old-fashioned ink-and-paper.

But, just as Robert Frost’s poem is pretty much always misinterpreted, the print-versus-ebook binary is more complicated than readers in either camp make it out to be. It’s highly unlikely that one medium will win out over the other. In fact, it’s common for readers to buy two copies of a book, one digital, and one display-worthy. Heck, even Amazon’s caught wise to the hybrid model, and will soon open a bevy of brick-and-mortar stores to complement its massive online shop.

So don’t fret, print book fans. Your weighty tomes and pretty covers aren’t going anywhere yet -- which is cause to celebrate! Below are 16 reasons why print books are awesome.



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