16 Rights People Forget They Have

16 Rights People Forget They Have
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While perusing the internet during some much needed down time, I came across a daring work by a local jeweler that made me stop and think - something not many commercials are able to do these days. The following piece is a poignant and beautiful reminder of a few important takeaways that are all too often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We live in a free world and it's the best time ever to be alive, but we constantly forget that. If you're reading this article, you already have more than enough, even if you don't think so sometimes. I am not here to judge, but to underline an important fact: we have rights, we are powerful beyond our imagination, and we fail to remember that.

This darling commercial has 16 lessons people forget to acknowledge every single day:

1. We have the right to choose the life we want to live.

Nobody knows what's in your heart, what do you really want. So, stop for a minute and ask yourself if you live a good life, heck - don't settle for good - ask yourself if you live the life of your dreams. If yes, say 'Thank you!' and move on, if no, choose to make a small step towards this life, right now. Choose what you want, even if you don't know exactly how. Dream of that life, feel it inside of you and then live exactly like that.

2. We have the right to do the work we love.

Everywhere in the world, the changes are visible and powerful. A lot of people choose to get away from labor that doesn't make them happy and to do something meaningful for them instead.

You don't have to do something for money, for obligations, for somebody else to feel good. Respect and love yourself. You deserve more.

You deserve to be happy. So be happy, choose to do the work you love, and the world will respect you. (and YES, will pay you big!).

3. We have the right to be free.

Freedom is a tricky word. For somebody that means to have a house, for other people it means to have money or to create something of value, or to be loved, or to live in a country of their choice.

But freedom is not about the results (the material stuff); freedom lies inside of us, like a dormant feeling, waiting for you to wake it up. Choose to feel it now, no matter where you currently are. Look at the sky and breathe!

We are born free and we have the right to be free all our lives.

4. We have the right to love anyone we want to.

Love is the greatest gift of all. Love yourself first. Then love the people who inspire you and make you feel empowered. Love is not a subject of gender, religion, politics, age, weight, society levels or anything else.

You have the right to not care for any of these! Just love and your world will be astonishing. You are love!

5. We have the right to marry the person we love.

If your values include marriage, family, commitment, you have the right to do this by all means. Marriage, like love, is not about gender, age or religion - marriage is about equality, respect, communication, happiness and shared gifts.

Treat marriage like you treat yourself: with kindness, understanding, love, and faith.

6. We have the right to forgive.

The right of forgiveness is one of the most important gifts of our lives.

Forgive yourself and let yourself be enough. Then forgive others and let them be right or wrong. You have your own path into this world, and this path is lightened by your powerful gift of forgiveness and by your capability to move forward with grace, compassion, and love.

7. We have the right to NOT judge.

We all judge and suffer from the judgments and bullying of others. But if - for just one second - we would stop judging everybody and everything, the world will stop judging us.

We are here to be happy, not to be advocates. Right and wrong are very old concepts, let them go.

8. We have the right to take care of ourselves.

It's not a form of selfishness, but a pure form of love. Pamper yourself, stay healthy, eat something you like and feels good, be active, be happy, smile, make art, be curious, act like a child, treat yourself like a very important person, spoil yourself with gifts, treat your body like a sacred temple, have gourmet sex, take good rest, read, learn, swim, drink wine, laugh with friends, cook, kiss, dance in the rain, travel far, make mistakes, make babies, be free and without responsibilities, fall in love with yourself - it's your choice!

9. We have the right to have more fun.

I think this is our purpose in life. Because if something isn't fun, it doesn't matter. We will not do it with pleasure, nor will we do it wholeheartedly.

If it's not fun, it's not done! And I've discovered something along the way: when I have more fun, I am more healthy, active, rich, free and happy.

10. We have the right to make our voice heard.

The fear of failure, rejection, not being loved or enough - will always be present in our lives. Speak up your mind and soul, the world needs your unique, powerful voice.

11. We have the right to create art.

Nobody else sees the world in the way YOU see it. Even if everything was already created, it was not created by you. Do your thing! Be weird, be different, be you.

12. We have the right to follow our hearts.

You know that moment when you FEEL something is very good, very possible, very right for you, but your mind is crying that you will fail, you can't do that, you are not enough?

Turn down your mind's volume and follow your intuition. It's always right!

13. We have the right to dream big and take inspired action towards our dreams.

Everything that is created right now started as an impossible dream. Dare to dream beyond your limits, dare to challenge your imagination, dare to go where you've never believed it's possible. Ask for what you want. Take inspired actions (steps that feel natural and smooth to you). Make that dream real!

14. We have the right to travel the world.

We are all born explorers. To travel means to learn, to discover, to stay curious, to be present, to be open and to cherish every second. If you believe you can't travel, maybe it's time to change that belief.

You have your own country to discover, your own town, you have buses, and very cheap airplane tickets, you are always safe if you pay attention to the world around you. Don't let the news scare you! Go out there, be wild, travel far, discover yourself, make some memories. This is the richness of life!

15. We have the right to feel good enough.

No, you don't have to prove anything in this life. You are good enough, you deserve the best, you are valuable beyond words, and you have the power to feel this way. It's a right and a choice! And everyone around you has the same right.

16. We have the right to create the world of our dreams.

But no matter how hard you dream, you will never see this world if you don't change yourself, if you don't create yourself. Be kind, be good, smile, give something back, help, take your time, listen, look people in the eyes, love yourself, love others, appreciate what you have now, be happy, be open to possibilities, treat people with respect, accept diversity and learn from it.

We are all here, in this wonderful game called life. And we have the power to create our own rules. Let's make them great again!

You can view the full commercial here. Diamonds by Raymond Lee is a leading retailer of Tacori engagement rings and other exclusive bridal brands.

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