16 Secrets Married Men And Women Are Keeping From Their Spouses

So much for honesty.

Everyone knows that open, honest communication is the cornerstone of a happy marriage. But that doesn't stop people from lying to their spouses, whether it's a harmless fib or a lie about something more substantial.

Below, 16 people on the secret-sharing app Whisper reveal the biggest thing they're keeping from their spouses.

I drop at least a grand every month betting on sports. My wife has no idea
My husband doesn
10 years of marriage and my wife has no idea I know she fakes all her orgasms. I can
I supplement my income as a phone sex operator. My wife has no idea.
My husband doesn
My wife wants a baby but I don
I lost my wedding ring 10 years ago. Bought another one and my wife has no idea.
I never told my husband that I slept with his sister in high school
I have several nice cars, several houses and several bank accounts. My wife doesn
I was hospitalized twice for bad panic attacks. I never told my husband because I
My wife doesn
I stopped taking my birth control in hopes to get pregnant. My husband doesn
My wife does not know that our marriage was based on a dare
I have hooked up with more guys then girls and my wife doesn
I had a miscarriage in highschool. I
My wife doesn
The Moment I Knew

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