You might be the baby, but you've learned a thing or two.

Younger siblings are part of a very special pack. The youngest child never knew a world in which he or she was the only child. They're used to sharing their space with other people, not always coming first and being the butt of a joke.

Creative and rebellious, they're also used to their independence -- and to relying on their social smarts to get what they want.

"Youngest children are manipulative, social, outgoing, great at sales ... They got away with murder as kids and know how to get around people," psychologist Kevin Leman, author of The Birth Order Book and The First-Born Advantage, previously told The Huffington Post.

Do you relate? Here are 16 sure signs that you are the youngest child:

1. You know how to entertain yourself.

Life doesn't revolve around you, even though you're the baby. Your older siblings have sporting events, homework, or cool friends over for playdates. As a result, you know how to pick up the TV remote, a sketch pad or a great book and keep quiet. It's often said that youngest siblings are more creative (and entrepreneurial) than their older counterparts.

2. You are used to waiting your turn.

You're typically not the first to pick anything. You learn to wait your turn -- and to savor it.

3. You're often told you're "mature" or seem older than you are.

Phrases like "old soul" are old hat for you. You have been told that you seem older for practically your whole life. Just take it as a compliment.

4. You can easily fall asleep with the lights or TV on.

You've had people and noise around you since the moment you came home from the hospital. Fall asleep on the couch while the family is watching a movie? No problem. Light on in the hallway? Please.

5. You started watching MTV and R-rated movies earlier than many of your peers.

You were also probably well-versed in swear words, inappropriate song lyrics and hints of the birds and the bees at a younger age than most.

6. Many of your close friends are not the youngest in their families.

Maybe it's just us, but it seems like younger siblings don't get on that well with other younger siblings -- our non-scientific hypothesis is that the balance of power is all off. Youngers often get along with olders. (Side theory: same goes for romantic relationships.)

7. You learn by observing the failures/successes of those around you.

Sure, you can listen to the rules and advice assigned to you by your parents, but as a younger sibling, you learn best by watching others. And according to The Guardian, that also means you're more likely to take risks.

8. You know how to spin a story. Any story.

Some say you're a born lawyer because you can make any story work in your favor. Some call it "manipulative." But it's your birthright -- own it.

9. You wore lots of hand-me-downs growing up.

Old t-shirts, worn basketball jerseys, a perfectly good pair of unisex overalls: depending on the gender of your other siblings, you might have really scored here. Or lost. Depends on how you look at it.

10. You play well with others.

Younger siblings are typically not loners. The more the merrier. Everyone get in the sandbox.

11. But when you fight, you know that words sting more than punches do.

You are the smallest and youngest. Hopefully your older sibling(s) didn't beat up on you too much, but chances are, you learned that fighting with your words was an effective way to combat bigger physiques. According to Jeffrey Kluger, author of The Sibling Effect, "when you can’t thump your older siblings to get what you need, you learn to disarm them by being funny, or you learn to have a better intuitive sense."

12. You know how to take a joke.

Hopefully you've taken advantage of the best gift your older siblings gave you: a sense of humor. Sure, you cried a lot, but you also laughed a lot. As you get older, you learn how to laugh even when the joke is on you.

13. You have more mentors than you can count on both hands.

Growing up as a younger sibling means you feel comfortable looking to others for advice and guidance. As you go through life, you most likely have quite a few people (family or otherwise) who look out for you and are there if you need help. According to a 2013 study, younger siblings seek out knowledge from those who are older than them.

14. You get privileges for all the things your older siblings had to fight for.

Cell phones, approved dating age, concert permission. Your older siblings paved the way and you should thank them for that. Love you, Backstreet Boys.

15. You’re happy with just a few moments of attention.

You don't need a whole day dedicated to you. A pat on the head from your brother, a snuggle with your mom on the couch or a brief synchronized dance in the pool with your grandma can make your week.

16. And when all is said and done, you’re secretly sure that you’re the most loved.

No proof, but it's true.

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