16 Things I Learned About Ringo Starr From Stephen Roderick's Recent Rolling Stone Profile

He's 74.

He was an only child.

As a kid, he spent two years in a sanatorium with tuberculosis.

He's been married to former Bond Girl Barbara Bach Starkey for 34 years.

He's been sober for 26 years.

He's small. Around five feet, six inches and 120 pounds. (He can still fit into his Sgt. Pepper outfit.)

He doesn't shake hands. He bumps elbows.

He rarely takes off his sunglasses.

His best friend was singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson.

He's worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Once, after he'd walked out on the Beatles, he returned to find that George Harrison had covered his drum set in flowers.

To join his touring group, the All Starr Band, you must have belonged to a band that had three hit singles. (Todd Rungren is in the current line-up.)

He's had both peritonitis and pleurisy.

He visited Yoko the day after John Lennon was killed.

His new album, Postcards From Paradise, refers to holiday postcards he's received from fellow Beatles.

He believes that "if things had worked out differently," the Beatles might have played again.

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