16 Things Every Woman's Significant Other Should Know

16 Things Every Woman's Significant Other Should Know

While February is the month of love, filled with Hallmark cards and chocolate, we wanted to understand the true foundations of a relationship and the things that really make love last. Recent research has shown that the happiest relationships involve little to no texting, a lot of sex and a good amount of sleep -- among other things.

But when we put science aside, what are the every day things that make women happy in their relationships? We decided to ask our Facebook and Twitter followers to share one thing they thought every woman's significant other should know.

According to HuffPost Women readers, here are 16 things every woman's significant other should know:

1. Know how to make her laugh -- and also understand when it's not the time for laughter.

2. Understand that sex is important to her and it should come with "a little enticement and a lot of respect."

3. No matter what, hugging always helps.

6. Vulnerability is a good thing, and without it relationships can't grow.

7. Support and encourage her dreams and she will love you even more. As our Facebook follower Britney Keough wrote: "Every woman needs a significant other who's her rock, and who can lift her up when she's feeling discouraged."

8. Respect her as an equal who can take on the world alone, but instead chooses to do so with you.

9. Never dismiss her feelings even if you don't fully understand or agree with them.

10. Know when it's her birthday -- and don't forget it.

11. "Selfless acts are what make a relationship last," our Facebook follower Kelsey Lauren Dobson told us.

12. "I'm fine" doesn't always mean she's OK and, many times, means the opposite.

13. Kindness is not weakness, but rather a strength.

14. Respect and encourage her career aspirations and personal ambitions.

15. Recognize that every woman is different. What was important to an ex does not always remain true for a current significant other.

And the classic...

16. Understand how the female body works and -- most importantly -- where her clitoris is.

What's one thing every woman's significant other should know? "Like" us on Facebook, tweet at us @HuffPostWomen or comment below!

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