16 Thought-Provoking Social Justice Blogs On Tumblr

Stay woke.

Most people know about " Black Twitter," the virtual community of black Twitter users who provide cultural perspective on issues of race and current events online. But did you know that Tumblr is also a hotbed of social justice junkies?

Common topics on the site include racism, cultural appropriation and sexism as told through personal essays, gifs, memes and vlogs. It can be a goldmine of knowledge for cultural diversity, but we've rounded up the best of the best.

Here's our list of the 16 most thought-provoking social justice blogs on Tumblr:

Janet Mock
Janet Mock
Janet Mock, the fierce and fabulous trans activist, discusses pop-culture from an analytical point of view on her Tumblr. The blog acts like an extension of TV show So Popular, sharing informative tips around race, gender and culture.
Franschesca Ramsey
Franchesca Ramsey, a popular YouTube vlogger and MTV News Decoded host, breaks down issues of race and culture from entertainment to police brutality on her blog.
Black Girl Dangerous
Black Girl Dangerous
Black Girl Dangerous is a media non-profit that raises awareness for issues of queer and trans people of color. On Tumblr, they're known as BGD and are a radical and insightful blog that provides the intersectional feminist discourse on race, gender and sexuality that we all need to hear.
Reverse Racism
Susie The Moderator and Eon
The creators of this blog realize that reverse racism isn't real, but the title and the blog's content reference the perspective of people of color who have been historically oppressed.
Reclaiming The Latina Tag
Reclaiming The Latina Tag is about celebrating the diversity of Latin@ culture, and fighting against stereotypical depictions of Latina women. The blog tackles issues of gender inequality, gender identity and marginalization of women within Latin@ culture. (The @ symbol includes both masculine and feminine identities of being Latino or Latina.)
Black Girl Nerds
Black Girl Nerds
Black Girl Nerds is a cultural hub for black women and men who love all things nerdy including comic books, anime, manga, sci-fi, horror and cosplay.
Feminism? F*ck Yeah!
Feminism? F*ck Yeah!
Feminism F*ck Yeah is a social justice blog that engages all feminist voices in the conversation on equal rights activism.
White Tears 365
The term "white tears" was coined to acknowledge instances when white people complain or play victim after people of color point out issues of racism or inequality. The blog White Tears 365 is an outlet for people of color to talk about their experiences of racism.
Amandla Stenberg
Amandla Stenberg may be one of the most socially conscious teens in Hollywood, and she's very vocal about her social justice advocacy on Tumblr as well. There she reblogs photos of "carefree black girl" millennials alongside militant Black Panthers of the '70s.
Act Justly
Act Justly
This powerful blog highlights issues affecting the black community, particularly militarized policing, through a collection of reblogged and retweeted comments about race, privilege, bias and discrimination.
This is Everyday Racism
This Is Everyday Racism
If you're looking for "woke" material then This is Everyday Racism has you covered. The site illustrates how racial discrimination is both a national and international problem. The blog often points out issues of oppression from instances of subtle microagressions to overt examples of violent hate crimes.
Black Women Confessions
Black Women Confessions
Black Women Confessions is a space where black women are able to anonymously share their experiences about race and gender.
The Brown Queer Project
The Brown Queer Project
The Brown Queer Project focuses on making the lives of queer and trans people of color (QTPOC) more visible.
This Is White Privilege
This Is White Privilege is dedicated to exposing the advantages of being male, cisgender, wealthy and white.
Two Brown Girls
Two Brown Girls
Created by Fariha Roisin and Zeba Blay, Two Brown Girls is a pop-culture blog that analyzes current events and media through a lens of race and gender.
Women of Color, In Solidarity
Women of Color in Solidarity state their blog's purpose very clearly in the site's header. "Because we're tired of the bullsh*t, and need a space just for us," it reads.

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