16 Ways To Improve Your Veggie Burger (Photos)

16 New Ways To Improve Your Veggie Burger

As a vegetarian, or someone who is trying to eat less meat, a veggie burger makes a quick and easy meal (even easier than a hamburger since you can just heat it in a toaster at the same time as your bun). But the thorn in the heel of this easy meal is that store-bought veggie burgers are rarely very good (and homemade ones take time and effort). The ones from the store are definitely edible, but they're often times bland and dry; and when placed between two slices of bread they make a very dry sandwich.

But that doesn't mean that you should banish veggie burgers from your diet. It just means that they require a little creative thinking. After all, would you really want to get rid of a meal which you can have ready to go in 10 minutes or less? Click through the slideshow below for some inventive -- and delicious -- ideas on how to transform your veggie burger from a mediocre meal to one that's truly mouth-watering.

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Veggie Burger Toppings

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