The 16 Worst Parts Of Summer (PHOTOS)

All The Reasons Summer Sucks

1. Having to hear people refer to salads as "refreshing"
eating salad

2. Never knowing if a liquid is water or… something else

3. Out come the hats
couple fedoras

4. Forgetting what it feels like to not smell hot garbage
bad smell

5. Cold soups
cold soups

6. People operating under the assumption that you want to hear their opinion on how cold the AC is

7. The crippling, nonstop pressure to have a picnic. Have a picnic. HAVE A PICNIC!

8. Mosquitoes being inconsiderate, as usual. Why don't you grow up, mosquitoes?

9. Where is that coconut smell even coming from?
looking over shoulder

10. People acting like it's OK to put chunks of fruit in alcohol

11. lightning bugs acting like they're better than everyone else
lightning bugs

12. Having to end your "summer fling" when he or she tries to take some of your ice cream
stealing ice cream

13. Getting poked in the eye by a drink umbrella and having to wear an eyepatch for the rest of the summer, even to the beach (especially to the beach)
tropical drink

14. Your socks feeling alone, depressed, and unwanted
missing sock

15. The laughter of children
children laughing

16. Sand in places you didn't even know were places
sand in clothes

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