17 AAA Perks You Might Not Know About

So. Many. Discounts.
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So. Many. Discounts. Here are 17 of the ones we didn't know about but are now very into.


1. Discounts on home and auto insurance
Comes in handy when you live with a not-so-great driver.

2. Free maps and travel guides
So you don't end up wandering around Sedona aimlessly.

3. Discounts at more than 150,000 retail locations around the world

Take this as a sign to finally get that dress you've been eyeing.

4. Emergency fuel delivery
For when you're runnin' on empty.


5. Flat tire service

Because you still haven't mastered that whole jack thing.

6. Free passport photos
Fingers crossed you'll look better in this one.

7. International driving permits

Fingers crossed driving on the opposite side of the road isn't that hard.

8. Access to AAA's in-house travel agency
When the last thing you want to do is shell out even more money on an agent.

9. Loaner car seats in new cities

When the last thing you want to do is lug your little guy's Graco cross-country.


10. Prescription savings program

Ear infections happen; at least get a deal on antibiotics.

11. Discounts on theme park tickets
That is, if the roller coasters at Six Flags don't terrify you.

12. ID theft protection
Including daily credit monitoring, fraud support and lost wallet assistance.

13. Discounts on rental cars
Avoid a Broad City situation.

14. Roadside assistance even when you're not driving
Just because Kate's a good friend doesn't mean she's a good driver.

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15. In-office DMV tasks
Yep, some states let you renew your license without ever stepping foot in the DMV. Rejoice.

16. Discounts on new cars
Get that new car smell for a few less dollars.

17. Something called a Guaranteed Arrest Bond Certificate
Which means that AAA will give you $1,000 to cover bond if you don't have enough cash after a traffic violation. And no, that's not a joke.



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