17 Cleaning Supplies That Are Actually Design Pieces

Even more incentive for you to pick up the dustpan more than once a week.

For Architectural Digest, by Sydney Wasserman.

If you find yourself dragging your feet with the weekly chores, maybe its just because you don’t have the right tools. As a design aficionado, you’ll be much more inclined to dust those Roman shades with a beautifully crafted feather duster than with a flimsy piece of cloth-covered plastic that you hide deep in the back of a closet. Thankfully, there are designers who feel the same and have created cleaning tools attractive enough to actually be left out on display in your home — even more incentive for you to pick up the dustpan more than once a week! Shop our favorite housekeeping tools that bring a new meaning to functional design.

Harimi Dustpans and Kake Tosaka Broom by Sojirushi, $22–$27 and $135; shop.nalatanalata.com.

Coconut Outdoor Whisk by Terrain, $12; shopterrain.com.

White Ostrich Feather Duster by Redecker, $45; theline.com.

Leather and Wood Dustpan by Michele Varian, $98; michelevarian.com.

Two-Tone Scrubber by Kamenoko Tawashi, $12; rikumo.com.

Pet and Lint Brush by Bürstenhaus Redecker, $38; bostongeneralstore.com.

Iron Boot Brush by Terrain, $98; shopterrain.com.

Rattan Carpet Beater by Iris Hantverk, $64; us.amara.com.

Hand Brush and Dustpan by Andrèe Jardin, $38; bostongeneralstore.com.

Handmade Pan Cleaner by Sokeva, $23; tiinathestore.com.

Chiltern Brooms by Turner & Harper, $110 each; turnerandharper.com.

Loo Brush With Concrete Holder by Iris Hantverk, $68; fjorn.com.

Copper Sponge by Hay, $6, and Steel Scrubbing Brush by Clove & Creek, $5; danishdesignstore.com and cloveandcreek.com.

Sweepers by Cloth & Co., $25; clothandco.co.

Chrome Bath Wiper by Decor Walther, $82; us.amara.com.

Sea Wool Sponges by Baudelaire, $19; bostongeneralstore.com.

Black Metal Dustpan and Brush by Iris Hantverk, $15 and $29; theline.com.

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