17 Complaints Women Keep From Their Spouses

"It annoys me that when my husband comes home from work, all he does is stay on his phone."

When you’re married, there are bound to be things your spouse does that get under your skin. You may bring up some of the complaints, but others, you keep to yourself.

Below, women on Whisper ― the app that lets users share their secrets anonymously ― reveal the complaints they keep from their spouses. (And women aren’t the only ones who have secret complaints ― men have them, too.)

My husband is really bad at managing his time. I don
I hate that my husband has crumbs all in the bed. I
I hate when my husband is out of town and doesn
I hate when my husband makes me feel like everything I do or say frustrates him. I hear the sighs and see the eye-rolls...
I get annoyed when my husband doesn
I can
I don
I hate when my husband works late I am alone and I eat to fill the void!
I get annoyed that my husband doesn
My husband keeps turning every romantic or sweet moment we have into sarcasm , I told him it bothers me n he still continues doing it
I wish my husband had better hygiene. He stinks. It bothers me.
It annoys me that when my husband comes home from work all he does is stay on his phone
My husband of 7 years is the worst gift giver in the world and even though it bothers me, I tell him it
It bothers me when my husband goes to bed without making sure the front door is locked.
I hate when my husband says no to our son for wanting to sleep with us because he is scared. I just end up sleeping with my son in his room so he isn
I love my husband but it bothers me that he has no interest in sports. I miss watching football
I hate when my husband offers me to spend time alone with his parents without asking me first. Now I have to be fake to keep the peace.
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