17 Fictional Presidents We'd Rather Vote For In 2012 (PHOTOS)

Let's face it: no one is too excited about this upcoming election. On the one hand, you have Barack Obama, who we haven't quite seen deliver on his platform of "Hope and Change" (although he does do a pretty good Bieber) and on the other hand, you have Mitt Romney, who sounds like he'd do and say just about anything to live in the White House. At this point, we probably shouldn't be surprised by our options for president anymore.

With that said, we decided to dream a little. We took stock of our favorite fictional presidents from TV and movies that we'd rather vote for and narrowed it down to 17 entertaining candidates. We may not really be able to elect President Skroob in 2012, but we can still laugh at the idea. Check our our choices below and vote for your favorites.

Fictional Presidents We Would Rather Vote For