17 Photos That Show The Simple Things That Make Kids Happy

Picture your kids during their free time. Do you envision them playing video games, watching TV, or Instagramming their desserts? It wouldn't be surprising -- screens are everywhere these days, and the youngest among us are just as susceptible to their charms.
But when we asked the HuffPost Parents community to share photos of their little ones in their "happy places," we received pictures of kids playing outside, eating spaghetti, and reading real books. To us, the lack of screens in these photos is pretty telling. It goes to show how much kids can grow -- and have fun -- in the offline world.

Katherine Wilson

My two are the happiest when we spend the day on our boat - they love the sunshine and the water.

Sarah Brabbs

Hanging out with the chickens!

Scottie Brown

She's a daddy's girl. He put her to sleep while doing homework one night. She's always just been able to fall asleep on him.

Camille Harrison Williams

My 3-year-old loves swimming -- she swims like a fish. She always has a smile on her face, in and out of the water.

Maritza Blumenthal
My son's happy place is any park where he can run free.
Hayley Kozo Settecase
Watering his garden!
Jane Cartwright
Who isn't happy when they are full of spaghetti!
Raebeth Buda

My son's happy place is nursing. He's teething at the moment, and this is where he find his comfort.

Sarah Mathis

My son, outside under a tree, reading a book.

Sonya Kendall
My daughter loves sitting under our big oak tree with her best friend, our dog Braun, just watching the clouds, birds, and squirrels.
Kaya Boyle
My baby boy loves his play tunnels!
Erika Whittaker

In the creek.

Elizabeth Sheagren Edsall

My little girls are total bookworms. Their happy place is snuggled up reading with Mama!

Tereasa Sophie
Our beautiful girl loves the beach. Her autism makes her fearless and she will jump in those Chicago waves without a second thought. Her mind is at peace here and she can enjoy the simplicity of her beloved beach.
Elizabeth Amanda Huayllara

She is happiest playing hide-and-seek, hiding with her dog Bruno, or playing make-believe. It all happens in her own little world where adults don't fit, under her bed.

Ashley McFarland

Such a beach babe! This is definitely her happy place!

Kimberly Hall
My son has sensory issues and the swing is happy place. He'll spends hours in it!

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