17 Reasons Why The Kids Don't Like Facebook Anymore

Once the most popular social network for college students and teens, Facebook has become more like a public forum for moms, dads and grandparents to embarrass their family members.

If you're wondering why "the kids" prefer Instagram, Tumblr and SnapChat over Facebook, it might be because of status updates like these.

  • 1 Your parents (and your parents' parents) are now on Facebook -- and they're on to you.
  • 2 From now on, your mom always gets the last laugh.
  • 3 You can't post cryptic messages or song lyrics without being called out.
  • 4 Your friend's dirty joke? Now it's your mom's dirty joke.
  • 5 Your dad thinks he's hilarious (and he really is).
  • 6 Your mom makes fun of you too (although unintentionally).
  • 7 Your not-so-subtle flirting attempts attract the one person you don't want to see them.
  • 8 ...And your negative statuses just upset grandma.
  • 9 Your dad's status updates require serious assistance.
  • 10 On the other hand, your mom has learned how to scan photos, upload them and tag you in them...
  • 11 ...But she hasn't quite mastered the abbreviated lingo.
  • 12 Your dad feels comfortable displaying his love of puns AND your family's personal business on your wall.
  • 13 You can't get away with ridiculous user names anymore.
  • 14 Soon enough you'll realize you aren't the favorite child.
  • 15 ... And that Grandpa's a perv.
  • 16 ...And that your dad can entertain your friends better than you can.
  • 17 Let's just hope mom doesn't join Instagram anytime soon.


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