17 Signs You're a Second String Chick

A second string chick is the worst kind of masochist. The girl that lets that one guy in her life use and abuse her. The playing field will never be even in this relationship, despite her thinking that things will eventually be different. In her eyes, this "thing" between them is totally normal. (P.S. it isn't). It's better if she just removes herself from the equation, but she'll never learn her lesson.

Sound (vaguely) familiar? Here are 17 signs you might just be that second string chick.

1. He keeps you on the sideline until he needs you physically and/or emotionally. You're always more than willing to jump into the game. Unfortunately, you haven't quite learned the rules yet.

2. You can't even identify with "Single Ladies" because there hasn't been a "put a ring on it" candidate in a hot minute.

3. You're the one he confides in with "girl problems." Yet, you always find a way to push him into someone else's arms, thus sabotaging your own happiness.

4. You're the one he strings along before finally settling on "the one." As a result, you feel a strong kinship to all the random women Ted dated on How I Met Your Mother.

5. Romantic movies (especially comedies) have absolutely ruined you. You must remind yourself on a daily basis that Ryan Gosling's character in The Notebook isn't real.

6. You keep telling yourself you're the Beyoncé, when you're really the Kelly Rowland. The Michelle Williams on a particularly pathetic day.

7. Throwback Mariah Carey jams make you too emotional to function. "Always Be My Baby," "My All" and "Vision of Love" send you into a downward spiral of epic proportions.

8. A 3:00 a.m. "DTF?" text doesn't offend you nearly as much as it should. But a 3:00 p.m. "DTF?" text on a Tuesday afternoon gives you cause for concern. LOL, JK. You'll respond to that one, too.

9. You never see him during daylight hours. In fact, you don't think you've ever seen him prior to midnight.

10. You'll drop whatever you're doing or immediately change plans to accommodate his schedule.

11. You've deluded yourself into thinking he'll take you on an actual date one day. But you'll have to settle for late night drive-thru excursions to Taco Bell.

12. You're constantly making excuses for his bad behavior. You wholeheartedly believe that he's "broken" and you're the only one that can fix him.

13. When he likes your Facebook status or Instagram picture it feels as if the skies have opened and the angels are singing a song only you can hear.

14. He can smash and dash without repercussions. To him, you're just a warm body. To you, he's everything.

15. There's no trace of you in his life (i.e. he won't let you leave anything at his place), but you've built a shrine around a pair of boxers he left in your apartment three weeks ago.

16. He'll shamelessly flirt with your friends in front of you. Even asking for their number to invite them out to dinner and a movie. The dinner and a movie you've been waiting on for years.

17. You read into things a lot more than you should. He texts you asking what the name of that new Tom Hanks movie is. You automatically equate it to him asking for your hand in marriage.

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