17 Things I Probably Won't Miss Now That the Kids Are Back in School

14. Needing to use the argument "Because we have to leave the house at least once a day" at all, in any context.
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1. Getting out the glitter for Arts and Crafts projects that "Grandma will absolutely love."

2. Agreeing to play unnecessarily complicated versions of Chutes and Ladders.

3. A fight starting immediately after I sit down on the toilet.

4. Hearing long-winded jokes that don't go anywhere and aren't funny.

5. Mind Blowing Science!

6. Sweeping glitter off the floor.

7. The question, "Can I watch Disney Collector?"

8. Hygiene-challenged indoor playgrounds on a wintry day.

9. Assembling Legos and discovering that a key piece was used incorrectly.

10. Resenting husband for no material reason.

11. The question, "But why didn't we travel anywhere?"

12. Saying, "Do you need to pee?"

13. Hearing the words, "You Promised!"

14. Needing to use the argument, "Because we have to leave the house at least once a day," at all, in any context.

15. Saying, "But you said you didn't need to pee."

16. Finding glitter in my bed.

17. Ruminating over and over and over: "Is this too much TV?"


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