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17 Times 'How I Met Your Mother' Should Have Ended

Finding true love is a beautiful thing, and Ted finally has ... meaning "How I Met Your Mother" can finally end.

But if you ask us, any of the 17 dramatic instances below could have been the grand finale.

1. Before Barney found out his dad wasn't Bob Barker.
bob barker

2. That time Robin moved to Japan.
robin japan

3. When Ted realized he was the main character in the movie "The Wedding Bride."

4. The moment Stella left Ted at the altar.
ted and stella

5. After all the doppelgängers were discovered.
how i met your mother

6. Smack dab in the middle of Ted's relationship with Zoey.

7. Before Ted found the slutty pumpkin ... like 10 years after meeting her.
how i met your mother

8. That time Marshall and Lily's baby was born.

9. When Barney got engaged to Quinn. And especially when he proposed to her.

10. When Ted and Robin held hands at the park in the rain.
barney and robin

11. After Barney's "Bro Code" burned to the ground.
bro code

12. After Ted's apartment burned down.

13. When Ted got a text from Barney announcing that he and Robin were engaged.
ted text

14. That time Ted dated Ashley Benson.
himym ashley benson

15. The time Robin Sparkles turned into Robin Daggers.
robin sparkles

16. When Lily and Marshall decided to move to Italy.
lily and marshall

17. The moment we caught a glimpse of the mother buying a ticket to Farhampton.

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