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18 Best Sandwich Shops in America (PHOTOS)

It's time to make way for the sandwich chefs and their incredible creations.
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For the past decade, we’ve lived in an era of pumped-up burger cooks, who have done impossibly good—and not so good—things with ground beef and a bun. Now, finally, there’s good news for those who have had more than enough of the burger trend. It’s time to make way for the sandwich chefs and their incredible creations.

Xoco; Chicago

Iconic chef Rick Bayless uses his wood-burning oven to make sensational Mexican tortas.

Photo © Jeff Maimon
Cochon Butcher; New Orleans

Chef Donald Link's acclaimed Cochon muffuletta, with house meats and olive salad, is always on the menu.

Photo © Chris Granger
Fozzie’s Sandwich Emporium; St. Louis

Chef Mark Lucas uses his own homegrown vegetables for recipes like the black-bean burger with roasted peppers.

Photo © Laura Ann Miller
Cutty’s; Brookline, MA

One of the specialties of chef-couple Rachel and Charles Kelsey: The Spuckie, with salami, mortadella and olive-carrot salad.

Photo courtesy of Cutty's
Ink.Sack; Los Angeles

The specialty here: flavor-packed 4-inch sandwiches. “I get bored eating a big sandwich,” chef Michael Voltaggio says.

Photo courtesy of Ink.Sack
Pane Bianco; Phoenix

Pizza genius Chris Bianco takes on sandwiches; his bread is spectacular.

Photo © Omer Kamran