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18 Fresh Fish Dishes Perfect for Spring

Spring is officially here! As we begin to shed our heavy winter coats and comfort-food cravings, what could be better than a little light seafood to get us beach-season ready?
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Spring is officially here! As we begin to shed our heavy winter coats and comfort-food cravings, what could be better than a little light seafood to get us beach-season ready? Whether you fancy a whole fish brushed with olive oil, sashimi delivered with just a dash of wasabi or a ceviche sprinkled with lime juice, one thing's for sure, a deliciously prepared catch makes for a great warm-weather meal. Here are 18 fish dishes that have springtime written all over them:


Photo provided by Row 34.

Proving the wonder of a simply prepared fresh catch, Boston's Row 34 serves a moist, crackly, oil-brushed Daily Whole Fish to complement its foundational raw bar selections.


Photo provided by Kapnos. Photo by Greg Powers.

One of Kapnos' many crisp Greek share plates from Chef Mike Isabella is the Charred Octopus, creatively adorned with light-as-air lentils, slow roasted tomato and heirloom carrots.


Photo provided by Southwark.

Southwark offers a Fish of the Day, depending on the market catch, to pair with its classic cocktails and other farm-to-table fare.


Photo provided by Yanako.

Yanako in Philadelphia uses traditional techniques and fresh ingredients to deliver light, flavorful dishes including Albacore Ponzu -- white tuna made with soy-citrus vinaigrette, grated white radish, ginger and scallions.


Photo provided by Sink Swim.

Known as the foie gras of the sea, Monkfish Liver, a Japanese delicacy, is prepared at Sink Swim in Chicago in a classic French way, served cold with salted pear, chartreuse fennel, smoked celery root, brioche and pistachio.


Photo provided by Tiger Mama.

Putting a Southeast Asian spin on the classic shrimp cocktail, the Shrimp Saigon at Tiger Mama is served with ripe tomatoes and fish sauce vinaigrette, making for a cold, fresh appetizer to kick off your meal.


Photo provided by Wako.

In San Francisco, Wako seamlessly melds Japanese and California flavors, combining locally sourced seafood and produce in its omakase nigiri, which includes 12 pieces of nigiri (raw fish over rice) and other fresh small plates.


Photo provided by Sushi Azabu.

Sourcing its fish four times a week directly from Japan, New York's Sushi Azabu offers four different omakase (chef's choice) options, as well as other sushi, sashimi (thinly sliced pieces of raw fish) and Japanese small plates.


Photo provided by Lure Fishbar.

As its name suggests, Lure Fishbar in New York delivers best-in-class seafood, including sushi bar combination plates with sashimi, sushi or both, as well as raw bar options and whole fish.


Photo provided by Cafe Sushi.

Spotlighting fresh, seasonal seafood on a dynamic sushi menu, Cafe Sushi offers Moromi Maguro, a cut of tuna with wasabi oil, smoked salt, shiso (an Asian herb in the mint family) and tofu.


Photo provided by Sushi Tsujita.

Part of the growing Tsujita empire in Tokyo, Sushi Tsujita in Los Angeles offers an omakase-style menu, including unexpected choices like Madai (seabream), Hirame (fluke), Anago (saltwater eel), Sayori (halfbeak) and many more, using old-school techniques to preserve the flavors of the seafood.


Photo provided by Fiola Mare.

At the sophisticated Italian restaurant Fiola Mare in Washington D.C., the Sashimi Of Itoyori is a light, refreshing way to start your meal, made with hearts of palm, radish, sea beans, ginger, fennel and lime vinaigrette.


Photo provided by Sushi Dokku.

Radiant and reddish-pink in color, the Tuna Truffle Nigiri at Sushi Dokku in Chicago is as delicious as it looks, topped with truffle sauce and thinly sliced avocado.


Photo provided by The Lucky Bee.

A staple at many restaurants across the country, tuna tartare -- prepared with roast chili, shallot, lime and popped wild rice at The Lucky Bee in New York -- is a cooling, light dish that displays the smooth, firm texture of the raw fish.


Photo provided by Barrique.

Offering plentiful fresh fish to pair with its antipasti and homemade pastas, Barrique in Los Angeles delivers a Tartara di Tonno -- ahi tuna tartare served with avocado, capers and balsamic essence (thickened balsamic vinegar).


Photo provided by The Church Key.

In The Church Key's version, ahi tuna tartare comes with compressed pineapple, Greek yogurt, pistachios, pickled avocado, serrano chili and pappadam (paper-thin, crisp wafers).


Photo provided by Mochica.

A bustling Peruvian eatery in San Francisco, Mochica serves up several tasty ceviche combinations including mixed seafood with mussels, clams and shrimp tossed in lime juice, and ahi tuna with toasted nori (edible seaweed).


Photo provided by Pepita Cantina.

One of a few antojitos (traditional Mexican snacks) offered at Pepita Cantina, the Tuna Ceviche is a flavorful, refreshing delight with coconut, lime and avocado.

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