18 Inspirational Tattoos That Celebrate Divorce

Once they've signed divorce papers, 20-something-year-old women worldwide are taking ink to a whole other level. They're going under the needle and commemorating their new beginnings by getting tattooed.
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Once they've signed divorce papers, 20-something-year-old women worldwide are taking ink to a whole other level. They're going under the needle and commemorating their new beginnings by getting tattooed. Sure, there are less painful and permanent ways to declare one's independence, but those don't act as daily reminders of strength and wisdom.

Here are inspirational divorce tattoo ideas from those who have been inked:

Photo courtesy of Jessica

I got this little guy on the inside of my wrist. It reminds me that after all the heartache, anger and dissolution I went through, I need to stay true to myself and wear my heart on my sleeve -- even if it's scary. -Jessica from Georgia

2015-03-20-1426873180-1167106-skelteonkeydivorcetattoo.jpgPhoto courtesy of Jeannie

I got this shortly after I separated from my husband of three and half years. The key is to remind me that I am never locked in any situation. I can always get out. It says 'always a lesson, never a failure' because my marriage was not a failure, but a lesson in life. I stayed married for three years too long because I didn't think I was strong enough to be on own. My life is amazing now. -Jeannie from Washington

2015-03-20-1426872114-659279-DivorceTattoo4.jpgPhoto courtesy of Katie

My divorce tattoo is a take on DaVinci's Anatomical Heart. It's broken and sewn back together by the best thing that ever happened to me in the midst of it all: my son, Atticus. -Katie from Georgia

2015-03-20-1426872081-9290943-DivorceTattoo2.jpgPhoto courtesy of Tara

The peacock feather is on my left wrist. My life is now filled with peacocks because they are the modern phoenix, representing growth and rebirth. I chose to tattoo my wrist because I can see it all the time, feel strength and remember that I have rebuilt my life. -Tara from California

2015-03-20-1426872159-1988818-DivorceTattoo1.jpgPhoto courtesy of Jenah

I got my tattoo for my daughters and myself. It shows our favorite colors and objects inside an infinity symbol. I like knowing my kids are with me everywhere I go. I'm getting the second part soon as I can. It'll be a phoenix with the Latin saying for 'I will rise from the ashes.' This will complete my shoulder piece and remind me that I have my daughters and I'll always rise from the ashes. -Jenah from New York

2015-03-20-1426872191-3474646-divorcetattoo9.jpgPhoto courtesy of Mallory

My divorce tattoo consists of two birds. Both are flying out of the cage to represent the freedom I felt as I became a single woman. I had put my life on hold to marry my ex-husband and move to another state for his career. I am now free to focus on myself instead of it being all about him. I'm studying French in college so I added the fleur-de-lis symbol and the phrase 'c'est la vie,' or 'such is life.' When I see my tattoo it reminds me that life happens and to accept it. -Mallory from Indiana

2015-03-20-1426872232-2477432-divorcetattoo7.jpgPhoto courtesy of Laurel

I just started my divorce tattoo about three months ago. It's a work in progress. My ex-husband told me I wasn't 'allowed' to get a half-sleeve tattoo because it would make me ugly. I have lived in Colorado my whole life and wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm so happy that I did this now that I'm free from a controlling marriage. It's a symbol of the control I was submissive to during those four years, and I broke through that and got the tattoo. -Laurel from Colorado

2015-03-20-1426872262-9095507-divorcetattoo11.jpgPhoto courtesy of Lauren

I consider this Against Me! lyric to be my divorce tattoo. It's from a song that was released a few months after my ex-husband asked me for a divorce. Whenever I look down at my arm, rather than seeing a gap where my wedding rings were, I now have this tattoo. I thought that my life was ruined because I was divorced by age 25, but it reminds me that I can get through pretty much whatever life wants to throw my way. -Lauren from England

2015-03-20-1426872296-9424771-divorcetattoo5.jpgPhoto courtesy of Briana

The meaning of my first name, Briana, is Celtic for 'woman of strength.' Every time I have feelings of failure, heartache and disparity, I remember this. Since my freedom, I have accomplished so much. I am almost done with achieving my bachelor's degree, and I have been on Dean's list every semester, even the semester I got the divorce and was in court every other week! I am on the right path to a wonderful, successful and happy life! -Briana from Connecticut

2015-03-20-1426872327-3677977-divorcetattoo12.jpgPhoto courtesy of Ashley

My divorce tattoo sums up everything I changed about my life between the ages of 26 and 29. I lost over 100 pounds, got laid off from my job of over three and a half years, and left my husband. I got it as a 29th birthday present to myself back in January 2013. The quote is from my favorite book, The Stand by Stephen King, and the tattoo is on my upper left thigh. -Ashley from Kansas

2015-03-20-1426872355-4864364-divorcetattoo14.jpgPhoto courtesy of Kelly

The feather on my divorce tattoo represents Forrest Gump, a survivor in his own right. The lyrics 'I felt free' are from a Circa Survive song that speaks volumes in reference to my life. -Kelly from Ohio

2015-03-20-1426872379-4338801-divorcetattoo13.jpgPhoto courtesy of Heather

My divorce tattoo says 'believe.' It's a simple tattoo and just one word, but it means more than what you think on the surface. I believe in love, family, life, God, happiness, other people, and, most of all, I believe in myself! -Heather from Maryland

2015-03-20-1426872403-8854745-Briannadivorcetattoo.jpgPhoto courtesy of Brianna

During my divorce, I read a Bible verse that really stuck with me, Hebrews 6:19. It says, 'We have this hope as an anchor for the soul.' I got this tattoo because I put my happiness in my ex-husband and in turn lost myself. Never again! I will be my own happiness and not depend on others to make me happy. -Brianna from Las Vegas

2015-03-20-1426872437-1343024-divorcetattoo10.jpgPhoto courtesy of Anna

My divorce tattoo is inspired by a Cinematic Orchestra song called, To Build a Home. The lyrics speak of building a home, and a life together. After nine years of marriage, I can honestly say that I put my all into those things. And just as the song says, it all turned to dust. The song speaks of climbing a tree in the garden that they planted the seeds in together. It mentions gusts that try to change who you are, discourage you, and make you second guess yourself, but challenge you to hold on tightly, and become stronger. The gust tried to blow me down many times throughout the first year. It has been the most difficult year of my life, and it is still not over. I want to be strong, not bitter. My lines are drawn with him, but now I am truly ready to move on. -Anna from New York

2015-03-20-1426872477-3786228-divorcetattoo6.jpgPhoto courtesy of Kelly

I got this tattoo on what was supposed to be my wedding anniversary, about three weeks before my divorce was finalized. It symbolizes breaking free and flying after my divorce, and also a double meaning since my wedding theme was based on the peacock feather. -Kelly from Illinois

2015-03-20-1426872501-7406323-divorcetattoo8.jpgPhoto courtesy of Brittany

Grey's Anatomy is one of my favorite television shows and my friends tend to refer to me as 'Meredith.' So I found it pretty fitting to get a heart beat with 'life goes on' above it. Great inspiration for a divorce tattoo! -Brittany from Ohio

2015-03-20-1426874580-9069456-Manadadivorcetattoo.jpgPhoto courtesy of Manda

I got tattooed the day my divorce was finalized. This is a lyric from the Bob Marley song, "Three Little Birds." It helped me get through my divorce. I kept listening to it and reassuring myself that everything would be alright. Now, almost a year later, I know that to be true. -Manda from Florida

2015-03-20-1426872562-7259766-Amandadivorcetattoo.jpgPhoto courtesy of Amanda

I chose to get a phoenix to remind me that although I am still very much (metaphorically) burning, I will eventually make it through this and rise from the ashes. -Amanda from New York

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