18 #MenForChoice On Why They're Standing Up For A Woman's Right To Choose

More of this, please.

Here’s some good news to brighten up a rather crappy week: Men on Twitter are tweeting why they’re pro-choice using the hashtag #MenForChoice.

The hashtag was created by NARAL Pro-Choice America on Tuesday morning to celebrate pro-choice men and thank them for their support. The hashtag is part of a larger initiative of the same name launched by NARAL in 2013, which features big-name advocates like actors Mark Ruffalo, Matt McGorry, and Tony Goldwyn, and journalist Jamil Smith.

“We’re talking about #MenForChoice all day today ― magnifying voices of all the pro-choice men out there & sharing why we love them,” NARAL tweeted. “Join us!”

Men on Twitter quickly began tweeting their support for women’s reproductive health and autonomy using the hashtag #MenForChoice. Mark Ruffalo, Dr. Willie Parker and more added their voices to the important conversation.

“I believe women are smart enough, wise enough, and strong enough to make their own choices about their bodies and lives,” Ruffalo tweeted.

Other men shared powerful messages of support.

“Men do not own women, therefore men do not get to make decisions about women’s bodies,” one user wrote. “This is *not* rocket science.”

Another man added his voice using the #MenForChoice hashtag, writing: “Because your body and your healthcare are precisely NONE of my fucking business.”

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Many women on Twitter were overjoyed to see so many male allies tweeting their support for women’s reproductive rights.

Some women thanked the men for showing support, while others reiterated just how important vocal men for choice are when our president has suggested “punishment” for women who have had abortions.

A handful of women even tweeted photos of the men in their lives who are pro-choice: their fathers, partners and sons.

Two Twitter users did point out that the #MenForChoice hashtag might leave trans and non-binary people out of the conversation.

“Trans men & non-binary people need inclusive access to reproductive health care,” one Twitter user wrote. “Don’t erase our stories in this fight.”

Head over to Twitter to read more tweets from the #MenForChoice hashtag.

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