18 Million Prayers for Hillary

My mailbox was lit up this morning with messages of worry and concern and love for our Secretary of State. It made me dream that perhaps as a nation, as a world, we could all say a little prayer for the safe and speedy recovery of Hillary Clinton.

For so many years, and in so many ways, she has touched our hearts and changed our lives. Maybe now we can come together to say a prayer that will bring her back to good health.

As we know, Hillary's historic campaign for President in 2008 put 18 million cracks in the "highest and hardest" glass ceiling in the world. Now, we can send our 18 Million Prayers into the universe through those cracks. It will make all of us a part of the healing and love that only God can provide.

This seems to me like the best possible way to bring in the New Year. God bless you.